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Food and Fitness- Saturday

Good evening everyone!

Firstly I’d just like to say I’m so chuffed to have made it over 200 followers this week! It’s great to have you with me and I am greatful for every like and comment and love keeping in touch with you all!

So today is a tough one, I had some ground to make up from cocktails and pizza at my mini Hawaiian Luau evening, but I’m in a lot of pain with my teeth because of my braces tightening and bands being fitted yesterday.

So here is my recap for today


All I could manage was the most watery porridge with a few blueberries in.


This was a strawberry and banana protein shake made with hazelnut milk. It was so tasty and again solid food was still a no no.

Because I wasn’t feeling up to eating much I took the time to prep lots of overnight oats and protein smoothies in different flavours to put in the fridge.


This being the first solid food I have eaten all day I was starving, it was tough going but I took my time and managed to eat it. Bbq beef with paprika sweet potato fries and kale.


I was up early with the pain this morning so decided to give the live workout a go and see what I could manage. I’m pleased to say I made the whole 30 minutes. It was a great full body workout using a kettlebell and some dunbells, I need to get some heavier weights so when I find the exercise too easy with mine I just switch and use the kettle bell and make sure I switch sides half way through.

This is not the actual workout I did this morning but it’s the same PT and I actually did this one with him a couple of weeks ago.

After this I took a slow walk with Poppy and we managed nearly 3 miles. It was such a lovely walk and we spotted this heron in a tree along with two foxes playing on the railway track. I am so greatful we have this on our doorstep.

This afternoon I sang with my choir at a village fayre and this evening after a 2 mile walk, I am going to relax in with my husband before a busy day tomorrow of an extra ballet practise for T and then a family bbq!

I’m hoping to squeeze in a 20 minute HIIT session in the morning along with a walk for Poppy so will keep you updated, (tomorrow will be the last day of my food and fitness diary but I will still keep sharing great workouts and healthy meals and snacks when I come across them.)

Have a great weekend everyone

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Food and Fitness- Friday!

Hi guys it’s Friday! I’m excited because I’ve got some friends coming over for cocktails and pizza tonight which should be fun! I’ve been working hard on my fitness all week and so am really excited to relax my rules for an evening and have fun, after all everything in moderation!

Here is my recap on today


I’ve walked about a mile in total which isn’t the best but it’s been a busy day with housework and my orthodontist appointment so it couldn’t be helped. I managed to fit in a 25 minute kettle bell session this afternoon which felt good.


Today it was bran flakes with berries and some apple juice.


This was a quick snack on some tuna,pasta and sweetcorn with a few grapes.


This will be pizza and tear and share bread, in the garden with a few cocktails thrown in. (I intend to work extra hard tomorrow morning to make up for this.)


I am really not the best at keeping hydrated but try to finish this bottle every day and then have at least one glass of sugar free squash during the evening also. I find drinking from a bottle so much easier than a glass, it just seems more tempting and can be thrown in my bag wherever I’m going.

I hope you’ve all had a good week and are looking forward to treating yourselves this weekend after working hard all week 😊

I’ll be up early tomorrow morning to do a live weighted workout on Instagram by @movewithben_ so will keep you updated on how that goes!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Adult braces- elastics time!

Why was I suprised today when my lovely ortho decides to swap one torture instrument for another! A few weeks ago I had my metal bar removed from the top of my mouth because it had started to dig in causing a nice little hole in the roof of my mouth. This was great news and my mouth has felt free ever since. Apparently this is not great news and I still need torturing- I mean my teeth straightening, further, this time in the shape of elastics!

I thought I had escaped this joy but no, I now have to wear one on each side day and night. I’ve pretty much got the hang of putting them on already but I’m not looking forward to removing them every time I have to eat and clean my teeth and changing them every morning.

Apparently I will always need my trusty bag of elastics wherever I go as they can snap frequently and I should never go very long without them in or my teeth could move back. (They love to scare you in that place!)

It turns out you can’t really see the elastics much as they are right at the sides of my mouth so that’s a bonus, it just feels weird having them in at the moment.

Asking about time scale, it will be 2 years at Christmas since I got my braces on, she ummed and ahhed about Christmas but doesn’t think it will be much longer after as all we are doing is closing gaps now. This is good news as I can finally see an end in sight.

Here we are, my latest pictures!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Food and Fitness- Thursday

Today was rest day, after pushing myself to work harder this week and completing a HIIT workout Sunday, Tues and Weds and a run and ab workout Monday I felt it was time to give my body a rest.

Well as much of a rest as cleaning a house from top to bottom, food shopping,washing the car and walking the dog over 2 miles is! I certainly feel like I have really put the effort in this week and am aching a lot today but it feels good to know I’ve worked hard!

This was a nice walk round the lake in the sunshine though and I was pleased I got Poppy out.

Breakfast– this was a quick bowl of cereal today as I was out early.


I kept going till lunch on a vanilla protein shake which was super tasty and after my walk I relaxed for a short while before the school pick up with a cup of tea and half of this chocolate cookie.

Excuse the photobomb!


Almost as soon as I got back Scott made me poached eggs on toast which was well needed!


Tonight we had fishcakes with minted new potatoes, babycorn and sugar snap peas.

Tomorrow I am off to the orthodontist so plan to fit in a kettle bell workout after that before the pain kicks in!

When do you give yourself a rest day? And do you actually rest?

Lou x

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Food and Fitness- Wednesday!

Hi guys it’s the end of my working week woohoo! But no time to rest as Wednesday evenings that used to be set aside for date nights, as T is at her Dads, are now workout nights 😂 Scott is off to run a 5k race with his club and I’ve completed a 45 minute HIIT workout and am shattered!

Along with a 1 mile walk this evening I’m ready for rest day tomorrow!😅

Here is my recap of today!


I was so looking forward to breakfast today as I made some overnight oats last night, thank you to Scott for running to the shop to get more soya milk and bananas for me!

Here is the recipe and this is the end product, they are delicious and really fill me up.


This was not the most exciting meal of the day with a tuna sandwich on seeded bread and a mango Greek yoghurt.


Tonight I made chicken with paprika,balsamic vinegar and chili flakes with some peppers and tomatoes on wholemeal pasta.


Today was an exciting day because I had a delivery! 😁 My very own shaker and a few cheap goodies to try along with some more protein powder so I can finally try protein pancakes!

Now to celebrate as I’ve had some good news today, after a testing week it’s just what me and Scott needed 😊

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Lou x

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Food and fitness-Tuesday!

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve all had a great day, Here is my food and fitness record for today:


I started today with some of this organic porridge with soya milk, I only picked it up for the first time last week from Aldi and it’s so good! I’ve been having it with a few blackberries thrown in but it’s just as good on its own.

Lunch and snacks

For lunch I had a peanut butter sandwich on wholemeal bread and I made some yoghurt pots with organic fat free yoghurt, pumpkin seeds and cranberries with a tiny drop of honey. It was so tasty! I had a banana to snack on, it was a busy day!


Tonight was an easy meal of scampi, cous cous and sweetcorn, sometimes you don’t have the time or food to make something amazing so simple it is!


I walked a mile before work with Poppy,

Tonight me and T did a 15 excercises in 15 minutes workout, and we decided to make the most of the warm weather and do it in the garden!

Here is the link to the workout we did, it was another Joe Wicks one with a tough ending but I still really enjoyed it.

And here is the 13 minute ab workout I did after!

I’m loving my new workout shorts for this warm weather too, a bargain at £4 in the sale!😄

That’s me done for today! I’d love to hear what you have done to keep fit the last couple of days!

Lou x

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Food and fitness- Monday


Here is my recap on today! I walked 1 mile with Poppy before work, lunch was a bbq chicken salad wholemeal wrap with a yoghurt and banana.

I snacked on dried apricots this afternoon.

After work I took T for our first run together, now I was not expecting this to be a fast one as T is not a natural runner(neither am I but I can go a bit faster than her pace bless her!) We want to enter a 5k family fun run in October so decided the best time to start training is when the evenings are light and we want to get outside.

We ran 1.2 miles and stopped a few times so she could have a little drink but I’m proud we did it and we are looking forward to improving on our time the next time we go.

Dinner tonight was cheddar and bacon mini sausages with rosemary potato squares and mixed spinach and beans.

I’m now just about to complete the same 13 minute Abs workout I did yesterday before going to choir!

I hope you have all had a great day!

Lou x

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My food and fitness record for the next 7 days!

Hi guys,

I’ve decided to keep a 7 day record of my food and fitness to keep me motivated and hold myself accountable for my training! This week I have only managed 3 HIIT sessions due to trying to get back into routine after our holiday and also squeezing in a trip to Wembley stadium and I know I can do more, so writing this will mean I have to share with you guys everything I do! I hope you find it helpful in planning your own training or just enjoy reading how a working Mum manages to keep fit around everything else!

I might not post every day but I will keep a note and post when I can so you can all see what I’ve been upto!


Today I’ve been back on the wagon with this 20 minute workout

I was so exhausted after, its a really great session!

To refuel afterwards I had a vanilla protein shake with cacao and soya milk and peanut butter on seeded toast.

Dinner was bbq pork and sweet potato fries.

This afternoon I watched Scott complete a relay race with his running club and after getting T to bed I’ve just done this 13 minute ab session! I really feel like I’m back in the groove and ready to conquer a week of fitness and good food!

Now who is with me? 😋

Lou x

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Happy fathers day

You put us first in everything you do, nothing compares to the love we have for you

You are our start our middle and our end, on you we know we can depend

You bring the fun in every day, thinking of us all the way

You encourage and listen, you are there when we fall, it’s because of you we stand so tall

You are patient and calm, loving and strong, because of you we feel we belong

From the laughter we’ve shared and the tears that we’ve cried, we know through it all you feel so much pride

For our family is a great one, we love and we care, each person matters and we know you are there

So this message is to tell you, with all of our heart we love you and have done right from the start.

Happy Fathers Day Scott


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How to get over your holiday blues!

We have all had it, the day, week or even month after returning from an amazing trip away can seem miserable! Your life back home is never as interesting as the people in the countries you have visited, you miss the food, sunshine, culture and lifestyle you had on holiday and it’s very easy to just be fed up!

It’s not been the easiest week at times but here are a few ways that by forcing myself to just get on with it I’ve got over my holiday blues!

1. Appreciate the small things.

While I was away a parcel came for me with some new workout clothes in, now I’ve not had new workout clothes for years and got these in a sale just before I went away. I’ve been toying with the idea of posting them or not but I’ve decided they made me super happy and excited to workout so I should share them with you guys so here goes!

2. Remember everyone else is feeling just as fed up as you!

If you have holiday blues chances are the rest of your family do too so try to forgive the little things and do things to make other people smile 😊

3. Support and encourage your family back into their routine.

If you don’t want to go to work and your children don’t want to go to school someone has to be the motivator and get everyone out of the door and happy, make it you!

Encourage them to have a good day and ask questions about it when they get home, plan fun things for the weekend so they have things to look forward to- last night T went to a friend’s from school and played in her pool and today she was invited to the cinema with another friend, lucky girl I know!

4. Treat yourself.

It doesn’t have to be anything huge but eating boring mundane meals right away after getting back from holiday will not be enjoyable! Try to mix it up with interesting food maybe even using some inspiration from your holiday! This way you will be more excited to start cooking again and will look forward to your mealtimes.

5. Make your home a nice place to be.

This week I finally got around to buying some plants for my garden and made some hanging baskets for the front of our house too. It may only seem like a small thing but it’s made me happy and I know as the flowers continue to grow it will just look better and better. This one has to be my favourite in our garden.

6. Be greatful for the big things too.

Last night Scott and I went to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley stadium! This has been planned for about a year but just happened to fall in this week, it was epic. I may have got a teeny bit stressed at the start and didn’t enjoy the 30 minute queue for a t-shirt but we had a brilliant time. 😊 Ed really is an amazing artist and hearing him live again I just felt privileged.

Jumping, dancing, singing and screaming our loudest for a couple of hours has taken its toll today and we are both shattered but it was worth every second.

Hearing our first dance song Thinking out loud sung live will always be emotional and it couldn’t have been a happier moment.

I hope these tips are helpful in getting you over your holiday blues!

Thanks for reading

Lou x