Well here goes blogging!

So I’ve always wanted to write a blog but never really thought I had enough to write about but as I sit here at 8am on a Saturday watching my 12 week old cockapoo chew her teddy whilst Cbbc is playing in the background and I stare and the half finished fireplace in our living room while my mouth throbs from having my spacers fitted this week I figure this will be the perfect outlet for the trials and tribulations of being a new wife, mum and puppy owner!

So to start we welcomed Poppy to our lives 3 weeks ago and to say they have changed is an understatement. It’s been nearly 7 years since I had a new born and now I know why! The sleep deprivation coupled with her lack of bowel control and need to play squeeky at 4am takes some getting used to to say the least! But other than the little presents we receive every morning we can finally say she is now starting to settle in well. So far her highlights include 2baths in 2 hours, us tripping over various stragtecially placed rocks in the garden to stop the digging and our evenings consisting of playing with the puppy until it sleeps, putting the puppy out and repeat! But when people ask me how my new bundle of fluff is settling in I smile and say “Oh yes she’s a joy!” For no other reason than that I can’t have my husband win and say “see I told you this would be hard work!”

This week has also been eventful as I’ve had spacers fitted to prepare for a mouth of full on train track braces. At nearly 32 years old this is daunting, terrifying and dare I say it embarrassing? The reason behind this life changing decision is simple, my daughter now almost 7 will not smile with her mouth open. The reason for that is me. I’ve always been self concious of my teeth and hardly smile with my mouth open so now she does the same as Mummy. This realisation ¬†made me incredibly sad. Ok she may have a mouth full of gaps and teeth at all different levels but this is something that should be remembered, mainly for the 18 today posters in years to come but also for our family albums and to think she wouldn’t smile because of me, I had to do something.

So the process has started and I’ve got my spacers in, which basically means you can no longer eat anything that isnt weetabix! Your teeth constantly ache and feel numb and you cant close your jaw without pain. And they say this is just the beginning! The beginning of a beautiful new smile, and years of pain! Yes I’m putting myself through this process but that doesnt mean I have to like it! So far only the people closest to me know I’m doing this and I don’t plan on telling anyone else until I have to. Here’s to kicking the embarrassment of braces at 32!¬†20160921_195910