Growing old at 32?

20160104_190334.jpgAs a nearly 32 year old mother of one and newly married woman I have found my priorities changing over the last year or so. Well for the last almost 7 years since Tiana was born she has come first, as a parent you end up prioritizing a cute winter jumper for them over a new going out dress for you and the spare money you once had for drinks with friends more often than not goes on a trip to the farm or a mum’s catch up at the local soft play. All this is nothing new to me but more recently it seems that socialising has become more expensive either that or I’m just not willing to spend the money on taxis to get in to town then spend money getting into a place im going to pay over the odds for a drink in. These days I’d much rather entertain friends at home, I love to cook for people and coffee dates and lunches are also high up on the agenda. Don’t get me wrong if there is a special occasion I will be the first up on that dance floor but you will probably catch me dressing up an old outfit in a different way because my spare money has been spent on a family day out instead. These days I crave that mum talk and love looking into ideas for homework and spending my spare time encouraging Tiana with her hobbies.

Over the last year we have been saving for our wedding and now we are decorating our home after just buying our puppy so you can see how people say I’ve changed, I guess yes I have changed. I’m settled, happy and my family life is becoming my whole life. Yes I love a get together with friends but I see my family time as precious memory making moments that with the every day pressures of work should be savoured as much as possible. I still love my 1xtra music but more often than not I find myself turning over to radio 2 at least once a day and really enjoying it! Does all this mean I’m getting old? Boring? Or just that I’d rather spend my spare money making my family smile than on a late night out that is only going to end in a sore head!

Any comments are welcome!



4 thoughts on “Growing old at 32?

  1. Lovely, candid post–and I can relate. I’d call this changing and growing, not growing old. It sounds as if you are celebrating all the joys of your home, a perfectly wonderful way to spend your free time. And a new puppy will keep a person busy! Congratulations on your wedding!

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    1. Thank you for reading! I’m glad someone relates to this too 🙂 Oh yes we are certainly kept very busy right now! People don’t realise the work they are unless they’ve had one, you have to get them into a routine just like a baby! And thank you for the congratulations, although only in July it seems like a lifetime ago now and I just wish I could do it all again!

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  2. I went to a concert that started at 10pm two nights ago and I really wanted to be one of those people for whom that’s like totally cool and great but I’m not! As I was tucking my kids in, I thought – I really want to just stay here with them! Drink tea, listen to music, check on them, read. Definitely getting old but *finally* kind of embracing where I am. Thanks for this post. It’s nice to hear your thought process and your honesty.

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    1. Oh yes I completely understand where you are coming from,by 10pm I’m ready to get my pj’s on, if they aren’t on already, and drift sleepily off to the land of nod! So nice to hear I’m not the only one 🙂


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