Sharing childcare at Christmas

So I’ve been separated from my daughters father for 4 years and things have been pretty amicable for most of it. The only issue that has come up has been Christmas. As my daughter is only nearly 7 she has always spent Christmas eve at home because this is where she sets out her stocking for santa and leaves the milk and carrot out. This is where santa knows she lives so why would she want to go anywhere else? However last year we decided, after many heated discussions, that she would be old enough to understand being away from home this Xmas.

Don’t get me wrong Tiana still believes in Father Christmas and she still sets out her stocking but this year that will all be at his house.

And wow I get emotional when I think about it. This will be my first Christmas morning without my baby girl, I won’t get to see her excited face when she sees what santa has brought and when we go downstairs at 6am to open the presents. This year there will be no magic in our house until she gets home.

Then I think am I over reacting, am I placing too much pressure on Christmas only being about that one morning? Surely the magic of Christmas isn’t just opening gifts and is about the excitement through the whole of December? Putting up the tree, Christmas shopping, going to see the lights and visiting santa at winter wonderland. All this I will still get to do with her so am I really just over reacting and should I just focus on making this December her most amazing yet? After all it is our first with our new puppy and the first with me now being a married mummy so it should be a wonderful Christmas.

Any thoughts or comments welcome.


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