Adult braces – one step closer

So today was my 2nd appointment with the orthodontist and my spacers were taken out so metal rings could be fitted and then a mold taken of the top of my mouth for the metal bar to be made from. Now the spacers are back in. Great. So I have another 2 weeks until I go and get my metal bar fitted. I’m told this is to keep my back teeth from moving forward into the spaces that will be there once my 4 teeth have come out, and I will more than likely keep my metal bar in for the duration of my braces! Really not looking forward to getting this in as I’ve read it causes sores on your tongue and food gets caught in it! I’m hoping it won’t be as bad as I’ve heard.

So now I’m just back with more spacers in and will continue this silent aching and uncomfortable feeling every time I eat until I grow the confidence to tell people at work I’m getting braces.


4 thoughts on “Adult braces – one step closer

    1. Oh really, yes I should have done it at 14 but it wasn’t cool so I said no! Now I’m regretting it! Yes probably about 2 years! Just managing the numb feeling at the moment but I’m sure there is more to come once I get them actually fitted! *sighs and wishes 14 year old self would have listened*

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