Bye bye weekend hello long 7 days!

So this weekend has been full of lunch dates and coffee, playing with my puppy and catching up! I had a good friend to visit Saturday and although initially excitable Poppy soon calmed down and was the perfect puppy, visit one down. Yesterday my Mum came and we tired her out with lead training in the garden then after she was again the perfect Puppy! Cue treats and Costa in town and off we go to the in laws for dinner with Poppy….. well she can only be perfect for so long 😄 2 wees in their house later and her first meeting of another dog, a westie called Harry who was so disinterested in her puppy play it was funny, and she slept from 9 pm until 7am!

I think it’s fair to say we wore the puppy out! If we can keep this up all week the 7 days until Scott gets back should fly by!☺20161008_165937.jpg