Wedding blues

As I’m nearing 3 months since my wedding I think I’m starting to get more wedding blues than I ever have had before. Maybe it’s because the wedding photos still aren’t sorted or because my beautiful dress still hangs up in the spare room uncleaned or maybe just because I want to do it all again!

My perfect day started at 7am with a smoked salmon breakfast made by my chief bridesmaid and best friend. My bridesmaids and hairdressers arrived about 8 am and my make up artist just after. From then on time went so quickly, from the photographer capturing all the laughs and giggles of us getting ready to family arriving and leaving again to my flowers arriving to the moment I put my dress on. I remember being so stressed about where everyone was  and if they had all eaten I can’t say I enjoyed the last half an hour at home much because I was just too nervous!

From getting in my car with my Dad all suited and booted the nerves wouldn’t go and didn’t go up until the end of the ceremony! There are pictures of me where I look like a rabbit in headlights! If there was one thing I could have told myself it would have been to relax!

Once the ceremony was over I felt like I could finally breathe! I was so happy we literally danced down the aisle to Bruno Mars, that moment right there was the happiest I’ve ever been. The photos and speeches and went in an emotional blur and all I remember was being so happy every where I went, there were all these pepole there just to wish us well and enjoy the party with us and it was just wonderful.

I remember dancing with as many people as I could and enjoying myself from beginning to end. From the first dance of  Ed Sheeran to the end of New York New York we really did have the night of our lives so is it any wonder all I want is to do it all over again?LouiseandScott_240.jpg