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My happy place

My favourite happy place, because it’s not against the law to have more than one, has to be the first place my husband and I ever went away together. It’s a little town called Cullompton in Devon, we rent a lodge there for a long weekend in February and spend our days exploring the beauty that is Dartmoor and the surrounding villages and our evenings relaxing in the hot tub looking up at the winter stars or inside drinking tea by the log burner. It really is as magical as it sounds.

Here is where our love blossomed and we first truly knew we would be together forever. Exploring the wild beauty of Dartmoor and climbing past cascading waterfalls with rosy cheeks and breathless from the cold but loving every minute of being outdoors and each loving that the other loved it too was what really drew us together and pulled us into talking for hours while soaking in the tub in the evenings.

There is something about driving through the clouds on the mountain tops and stopping at somewhere you don’t really know where you are just to look around you and say “wow, this place really is amazing.” There is an awe that just gets me about the endless moors all around you for as far as you can see and how you are so cut off from the rest of the world, there is no 4G there, no Facebook, no WhatsApp and no phone signal! And what did we do at the top of this beauty spot in the middle of Dartmoor? We hugged and just took it all in.

Then we made our way back along the winding roads, following signs like people used to do because there is no signal for the sat nav over there, and gradually making our way back to our cosy little lodge which will always hold such a special place in my heart as being the base for the place our love was truly and really realised, Devon.

Where are your happy places and why?

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