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Puppy love

Getting a puppy was always on the cards one day as my husband and I both had already owned dogs in previous years and so were excited to start the journey together one day. We have been telling people how she is going to grow up with our little girl and it’s mainly for her to enjoy 20161014_144039.jpgowning a pet and learning to care for one herself but as I sit here with my portable hot water bottle (the puppy) covering my lap I know I wanted this puppy as a companion for me just as much as my daughter did.

The love and affection a dog provides is similar to that of a child, they depend on you for not only food but love, stimulation and a safe and comfortable family home. Now while I sit here the greatful recipient of these puppy cuddles I am beyond happy we are starting this journey now and cannot wait for us to learn and grow together.

Here’s to many years of happy puppy adventures 🐾

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