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He’s coming home

So my husband has been away this last week and although I have felt incredibly lucky to have had so many good friends come over or invite me out I have still missed him terribly.

Just in this last week it feels like the puppy has grown, our little girl has become yet more independent and I have continued to write more blogs that he tells me he is very proud of but nothing can compare to him being here. I can’t wait for our home to feel complete again instead of feeling like there is a piece missing out of everything we do. Today has been the longest day, although some of it was spent shopping for Christmas present ideas I just felt like there was a void at times only he could fill.

This reminds me just how lucky we are to have found him and how greatful we are for him every day.

So to all those whose partners are away long term or on a regular basis I salute you because this is not easy and it’s not fun! Skype is your best friend but nothing compares to that big squeeze at the end of a long day or that moment he lifts your legs over the top of his while watching TV because he knows you like to snuggle in or when something beautiful happens like the moment there is an amazing sunrise and you have no one to share it with!20161016_071941.jpg

So now as I go off to bed, which is currently filled with my little girl, I will be thankful for our last girly sleepover and also thankful that tomorrow night I will finally get that hug.

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