The waiting game

Sometimes I feel like life is just a waiting game, here is a list of things I am currently waiting for;

The parent learning morning at my daughters school
Wacky socks day – again at school
My best friend to come back from holiday two more friends to go on holiday so I can wish them well
A friend to get back to me about dinner next week
My nail technician to let me know if I can change my appointment
My next orthodontist appointment on Friday
Discount day to start on Friday so we can order lots of our Xmas presents online
My husband to pick up his new car tomorrow
Tickets to come online so we can book for the cinema in half term and two packages to arrive!

And this is just in the next few days!

Anyone else feel like they ever just wish there was nothing going on? Or would life be extremely boring and uninteresting if we had nothing to remember/ write in our diary or on the calendar or make calls or send emails about?
Maybe I should go and live in a cabin in the woods for a month and see how I like it!

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