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Childhood friendships

So my little girl is 6 and is lucky to have some very good friends. One of those very good friends she has had to sleep over tonight. Once she arrived it was talking at 100 mph, giggles, hugs and excitement like I’ve never seen. Plans were made and beds were laid out. Mid night snacks were discussed and beds were jumped on.  With this amount of energy it was time to take Poppy for a walk. 20161026_175118.jpg

After our walk the play room was decorated for Halloween and then it was pj time. There were snacks and drinks while secrets were written in diaries and then giggling and talking until I started to get sleepy!

All this makes me so happy.

My little girl doesn’t have a sister but this is probably the closest she will ever have to one and it makes my heart melt. The innocent fun of these two beautiful little girls is just simply what happiness is made 0f. Bonds like this are rarely broken and it’s my hope that this friendship remains long into their lives because they are both so similar in their interests and qualities they are like carbon copies of each other in many ways. Never a cross word between them and always thinking of each other they really are two selfless little humans and I can’t wait until they wake up to the surprise in the morning that we are taking them to see Trolls as a treat.

Send ear plugs for when I tell the little darlings please! 😊

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