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Financial security over emotional security?

As I’ve moved through my adult life it’s always amazed me how much value people place on having financial security, me included.
I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum, a single mum working part time receiving help from the government to pay my rent and bills and actually having more money than I needed every month. At this time in my life I was lonely,  but I had no worry about my rent or bills being paid by the money I had coming in. I had the ability to work part time while my daughter was at nursery, we ate well and were warm.

Fast forward to now I’m happily married and we have a house I could only dream of but the only thing we ever argue about is money. Don’t get me wrong we aren’t financially unstable but every month we have to budget every penny to be able to save for the big things like Christmas and birthday and if an unexpected expense comes up we can struggle. But I’m happier than I have ever been and I am are extremely lucky to have a large, healthy extended family.

So this got me thinking, I know so many people who a have different views on money, for some it’s a commodity to be used and abused and worried about one day in the distant future, others will not even go so far as to spend on a seaside treat or takeaway meal without it being a special occasion.

I’m a worrier, any uncertainty causes me to need massive reassurance and explanation on how we are going to resolve things, I plan and re plan on a regular basis and often get made fun of for how organised I am but that’s just me. So right now I am the most emotionally secure I have ever been and even though we have far less disposable income than when I was on my own I feel ready to deal with any financial challenge life throws at me because I know I wouldn’t have to deal with it alone.

So what is more important? Being emotionally secure or financially secure? Or can you have both? Or are both equally as important?

2 thoughts on “Financial security over emotional security?

  1. This post raises such interesting questions. Here in the U.S. people don’t ever seem to openly discuss personal finances. There is big focus on status and the appearance of wealth (type of car, size of home, new furnishings, vacations, etc). And yet, many people struggle to make ends meet. Right now we have just enough to cover expenses, but not much else. Our health insurance and childcare costs are very high here in the States, so there’s extra financial burden until children start kindergarten (at age 5). It sounds like you have a great balance right now. Emotional security can’t be traded for anything, and you’ll continue to grow your finances. Also, being highly organized is a great quality! I try my best, but wish I were a bit better. 🙂


    1. Many people will be exactly the same here, although some people are keen to know others financial situations yet never disclose their own. I remember paying for full time childcare too, it’s just as expensive here and we still have after school and holiday club to pay for now! Thank you, I am super organised although I sometimes wish I was a little more relaxed and able to go with the flow at least I have a plan mostly! ☺ Thanks for your lovely comments.

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