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Adult braces- the metal bar

So today I got my metal bar fitted ready to get my braces and oh my word this us going to take some getting used to! It feels like right now I have this alien object in my mouth which prevents me from swallowing properly, eating and gives me a slight lisp!

I just tried to eat my first meal of soft white fish, broccoli and new potatoes, so I could basically suck the potatoes and fish until it disappeared but I don’t think I will ever eat broccoli again after it got completely tangled in the bar and I had to go look in a mirror to remove it! 😯

I’m actually worried I’m never going to be able to eat anything in public ever again that isn’t soup! Thank god it’s getting colder now so that doesn’t look so out of place! I still haven’t told anyone at work what I’m doing so we will see if they notice the slight lisp that seems to now come out on certain words! Typical I started training two new people today so surely they will notice a difference in my speech tomorrow? Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it! At least you can’t see anything yet unless I do a huge smile but I cant see that happening any time soon!

Now to wait for my teeth to come out and braces to be fitted just before Christmas, the journey continues!


4 thoughts on “Adult braces- the metal bar

  1. This brings back memories of my childhood braces. The broccoli! Yes, I think fibrous veg were on the to-be-avoided list, but I’d forgotten those little details until I read your post. It must feel like such a big change, but I bet your co-workers won’t even notice! 🙂


    1. It feels like a massive change, like an alien in my mouth at the moment! but I tried spinach in pasta last night and yep, any green veg it seems from now on ill have to eat in soup! But yes you are right, so far no one has said a thing even with my slight lisp!

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  2. I never had braces but I’ve had so much done on my teeth and foreign objects in my mouth that it’s completely uncalled for. I can say one thing that has always proven to be true is that you will get use to it and it won’t be so hard after a while. I didn’t believe anyone when they told me that after a 3 month healing process. But sure enough, everything is back to the way it should be. Sending good vibes your way!

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