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So for the last few days we have had my Nan and her dog Baker staying. This has been fun for all of us but especially Poppy as she’s not really had another dog to properly play with since coming to live with us and oh my word do they play! Here is a rare moment where they actually sat still long enough to take a photo! 20161103_150226So Poppy has truly found a friend in Baker they chase and wrestle, skidding up and down the hallway until they are both ready for a nap! We have had walks in the woods and simultaneous brushing sessions and Poppy has also learnt she can jump onto the sofa which Baker is not shy to do! The stairs are still a no no for her though which is totally fine for me! It’s hard enough keeping track of them when they are down here let alone if they were to start wrestling in the bedrooms! I’m sure this won’t last forever but I’m making the most of it while she is still wary! Now we are looking after Baker for the next day so Poppy still has her friend to keep her company over bonfire night, which being her first one I’m hoping she will be ok.

The visit hasn’t all been about the dogs, we have actually all really enjoyed it too. Tiana did her homework with Nanny and they decorated a Christmas penguin for the colouring competition at ballet. She also dressed as the tooth fairy for world book day!


I’ve also had a great time having coffee and cakes, shopping for Christmas ideas and cooking yummy meals. All of this fun and I’ve hardly noticed the metal contraption in my mouth,  well it has started to really ache on one side the last day but I’m holding off taking painkillers because I figure this will only get worse over the next few months and years so I just need to man up and eat on the other side!

Now just to wait for Tiana to come home so we can begin the preparations for our hotdog and sparklers evening in the garden! Happy bonfire night everyone!



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