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Photographs- memories in the making

People often comment that I’m always taking pictures, it’s true I’m usually the first one to get my phone out and say let’s have a photo,  or show me again! My reason behind this comes from my longing to preserve these special moments in time. You see when I was growing up we didn’t get the camera out unless it was a special occasion and got the film developed even less! Now in this digital age we are in our camera is at our fingertips daily and I for one think is this awesome! From capturing beautiful moments as a mother to reactions of gift giving or happy occasions, to just cute puppy pictures I must say I love storing this little moments on my phone and having them there at my fingertips to peruse whenever the moment takes me.

Without the ease of taking pictures how would I remember what the hotel room looked like that we stayed in when Scott suprised me with a trip to London for my 30th birthday and subsequently ended up proposing!

fb_img_1478682438691Or how would I remember what it felt like to stand next to the poppies at the Tower of London and just be in awe of the lifes lost.

fb_img_1478682445914Or how would I ever remember the ‘treasure chest’ that Tiana wanted to make at 7am from an egg box and some sticky feathers!


It’s often said a picture tells the story of a thousand words and I think this can be so true so I will continue saving my pictures and smiling when they come back as memories because these are the moments I want to remember and it makes me happy.


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