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Feeling loved

Well what a difference a day makes, just a couple of days ago and I really wasn’t too interested in turning 32 but hey its happened so I have to embrace it! It actually  turned out to be a really great day, I was woken with kisses and singing from Scott and the munchkin, then presents and handmade cards and pictures in bed. I love getting cards, whether they are handmade or shop bought they are something I really appreciate and take the time to read more than once. This is one of my handmade cards from T this year.


This year we have long hair and initials above out heads, maybe next year we will be wearing clothes! 😉 After we got ready we headed off for a trip to Krispy Kreme because believe it or not we had never been! It was definitely worth waiting for! those doughnuts were delicious and the gingerbread latte really was so good! T had a banoffee milkshake and spent most of her time strolling around the place wearing one of their paper hats!


After we got back it had stopped raining so we took Poppy out for a birthday walk then the rain came back so we sat making bracelets and then watched Paddington which made me and T giggle out loud in several places. Love hearing my little girl giggle 😊

After a few birthday visitors Scott treated me to dinner out and we met up with friends for drinks after and ended up having a really fun evening.

All in all if 32 carries on like this, making happy memories with the ones I love then I’m up for that 😊

Here are a few more of  my favourite pictures from my special day.

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