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Our puppy, our new best friend

We have had our cockapoo puppy Poppy for 9 weeks now and she has filled a space in our home we didnt even know was there. Nothing can describe the feeling I get when I see my little T cuddle up to her telling her how much she loves her and Poppy just sits there on her lap just knowing. The bond between them is already unbreakable and it gets stronger every day.

Ever see a dog walk away to its bed and lay down when it’s had enough of being cuddled and carried about? Not Poppy, she will be carried from room to room by T, have her face snuggled right up to T’s as long as T wants to do it. This dog is as much in love with her family as we are with her it’s so clear to see.


I’m not sure if it’s just the cockapoo breed as I did a lot of research before we got her and everything said they were people pleasing dogs but she is certainly that. In just this short time we have had her she has learnt to sit, give paw,  lie down,  stay and sit and look at a treat until I say she can have it. She loves to please us and make us happy, she loves to be with us.  She will often be in the room we are in happily chewing away on a chew and we will change rooms for a moment, turn round and she is sitting right behind you happily chewing her chew. Its like she is happiest wherever we are, whether she is getting attention or not it’s just better to be with us.

Now we are getting towards her being totally house trained we have started to let her on the sofa in the late evenings for a cuddle too.  This is yet another building block in our relationship with her and we all love it. What amazes me is Poppy knows she can only be on the sofa when we say and rarely tries to get up during the day, we are still working on this, and almost never gets up without us there. It’s like getting up is something she does to get close to us and why would she want to be up there if her family aren’t there?


Last night we locked her in her cage for the night. This was the first time since that first night we brought her home, that night didn’t work out too well with howling every hour so since then she has had her cage door open and been able to sleep in there and walk around the kitchen. This may seem like a great idea but we found we werent really getting anywhere with night time toilet training with every morning still clearing up lots of presents. So we decided we would close the door and see if she would just sleep the night in there, Scott is up at 5.45 anyway so not like we lay in. Well it only went and worked! Poppy slept the night through with not a single accident and we couldn’t be more proud! This morning she will get an extra nice walk and a lovely brush as a reward 😊

Poppy love/puppy love really can be the same as having a bond with a child, from someone who is lucky enough to have both I now know that this is what I’ve been missing and what I really always wanted,to share a bond like this with all of my family, it just so happened it’s with a dog.Yes Poppy you really have made our family complete and we couldn’t love you any more if we tried.

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