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Being Thankful

Ive seen a couple of these leading up to Thanksgiving but even though we don’t celebrate it I thought it was a nice idea so here goes, I’m thankful for:

My husband – he always know how to make me laugh, even when we are stripping wallpaper after a long day at work! He loves me without question and devotes his life to making us all happy.

My health – there is nothing more important than having healthy family and friends, literally nothing.

My beautiful daughter- some how I’ve been blessed with this little miracle of a daughter and she is my best friend. The love and respect we have for each other is unwavering and I cannot wait to live the rest of my life as her Mummy.

Our home- it took a while for us to get there but we have been in our home a year and a half now and are slowly making it our own! (We may even have a fireplace by Xmas if we are lucky!)

Days off- family days where we are all together are the best.

Chocolate – when I’m happy or sad, with friends or alone chocolate fits every occasion! 😂

Good friends! There really is nothing better than having people you know you can depend on in a crisis and are there whether you text them everyday or not and if don’t hold it against you if you are just really busy sometimes and you don’t speak for weeks! Just good friends who are good company!

Our jobs- even though we sometimes moan about them we are lucky to have good incomes and I’m even luckier to work part time too.

My Nan- she is my first contact when anything goes wrong and the first person I tell when anything goes right, I couldn’t be without her!

My puppy – the giggles and fun she has brought to our home is amazing, T’s bond with her is beautiful and I’m excited to see how she will continue to change and grow.

Date nights- a must, no matter how long you have been together you have to make time for each other.

Christmas spirit – this time of year it will soon be time to start getting in the Christmas spirit and I love making the most of every Christmas opportunity available from cookies to music to decorations our house just oozes Christmas from the minute you open the door and smell the cinnamon plug in! 😄

Braces – I’m thankful I’ve finally plucked up the courage/been supported enough/been financially able to do something about my teeth which I have always hated!

Thanks for reading my thankful list I would love to see anyone else’s!


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