Oh to be 6 again!

This week has been a tiring one to be a grown up and it’s only Tuesday! Today was the 3rd day of constant rain, not only is this draining in general just walking to school and getting about its even harder with a puppy! It’s not just the wet feet and paw prints all over the kitchen but the walking in the rain and clearing up the garden while holding an umbrella! This morning I also just happened to step in said mess whilst looking for it amongst the leaves at 7.35 am, perfect. Cue raking leaves at 7.40 am to ensure my early morning brain does not get confused between a poop and fallen leaves again!

Today was also the 2nd day of decorating our living room, well the 2nd day in a row, we have been fitting a new fire place over a couple of months, not as easy as it sounds when you have never done anything like this before. Over the last week we have now stripped the wallpaper on one half of the room and painted the other half with its first coat.

Again this doesn’t sound like hard work but along with working 9-5 then feeding the family, listening to little one read, ordering costume for the Xmas play, reading letters from the book bag, making lunches and writing shopping lists I’m tired and wish I was 6 again!


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