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Our family Christmas

I was really apprehensive about this Christmas as it was the first I wouldn’t wake up with my baby girl but I was so lucky to have my Nan stay with me from Christmas eve right up until boxing day and she helped me through my mini breakdown when T left Christmas eve. After that there were a couple of moments during our quiet morning where me and Scott hugged and just missed her but before we knew it she was home and our Christmas began.

I am always so amazed at how well behaved T can be when there was not even a mention of her main present as we had opened everything and were clearing up Scott wheeled it in. Her face was a picture and then she ran over and threw her arms around him, I’m so glad I videoed this moment.



I’ve learnt to manage my braces over the Christmas period but am still finding foods I can’t eat, crisps and crackers are off the menu and I find myself fishing through the chocolate box for the soft centred ones but apart from that I’ve coped pretty well with food. The wax is now my best friend and I’m getting used to the cleaning routine at night. I can’t really talk properly until I’ve had a hot drink in the mornings as my face feels like it’s glued to my braces but maybe Scott will tell you this silence is a good thing😉

One thing we have done in the post Christmas haze of dvds, winter walks, chocolate and presents is set up T’s two fairy doors she got from two separate people. She is really excited and if I’m honest so am I!  Any little chance to keep the magic alive for my girl as she approaches 7 and I’m on it so today as she has left for her Dad’s again the first fairy has visited. The key has ‘disappeared’ from the outside door and I cannot wait for her to notice. I’m already planning ideas for this fairy and how I will tell the tale, my Nan says I should write books I have such an imagination.

Our woodland fairy door
Our tooth fairy door

As for Poppy she celebrated her first Christmas as any 6 month old puppy should, playing with friends and enjoying new treats and toys. She has been amazing with all the noise, company, present giving, change of location and routine and we couldnt be prouder of her.


All in all it has been a fantastic few days, now time to relax infront of the fire with a glass of wine before the real excitement begins for T’s birthday party Friday!


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Christmas Wishes

This Christmas eve was always going to be a little different but it’s actually been a really lovely day. We started by saying goodbye to T’s friend Ruby who slept over last night sending her home with Christmas cookies and a tiara the girls made.


Then my best friend came round and we did Christmas, we both love giving gifts as much as each other so it was really nice to see the looks on each others faces especially T’s when she got her gift. Now she lives an hour away we no longer have her round on Christmas day but I’m just happy she’s finally found someone to make her happy and can spend Christmas happy and in love this year.


Then my Nan arrived for Christmas, it’s been crazy chaos with the two dogs chasing and playing non stop ever since they arrived but it’s been lovely and I’m really looking forward to having her here tomorrow especially during the morning when I won’t have my T here. She left for her Daddy’s and 4pm and this is the first Christmas eve she has ever been away. We set out the reindeer food, the tray for Santa, set out her stocking and read The Night Before Christmas so all the Christmas traditions were met and she was happy to go but I couldn’t help being sad so to have someone here that would just support me for a little while was just what I needed.

Now Scott is home from work and we have 3 whole days together!

I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your friends and families! I’ve been so greatful for the support I’ve been received since starting this blog and really look forward to reading more of your stories in the new year!

Lots of love

Lou xxx

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Adult braces – first day with no pain!

So yesterday morning started as the previous one had with lots of pain, swollen lips and a sore mouth. Then I discovered Corsodyl, this stuff is amazing . After just one use a friend said I was speaking much more clearly and my mouth felt less painful already! I’m now using it morning and night and the sores on my lips are clearing up and it doesn’t hurt to smile anymore! I’m also using less bongela and this morning bit down on food for the first time since Monday! Ok it was a boiled egg and it still hurt but I managed it and this is progress!
My other new best friend is Blistex. Yesterday my lips were cracked and sore but after using this all day yesterday they are happy again!
Finally I’ve also got the hang of the wax and managed to get some to stay on all evening and through the night and I woke up pain free thsi morning!
I know there will be a lot more hurdles to overcome on this journey but this is a small victory against the braces and I feel like I can enjoy spending time with T today doing all things Christmassy being pain free!

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Braces 2 days in

Well its been an emotional couple of days now being a brace wearer! Firstly I hated my face with this new jewelry! Yes the top brace is white and hardly noticeable but the bottom isn’t and that bothers me in a big way. But hey I woke up yesterday morning with bigger things on my mind, the pain in my teeth and lips! So I can’t bite down yet because the pain is horrid and if my teeth touch they are just so sensitive it’s painful too. Now also the pain in my lips is there all the time where the braces are rubbing on the inside of my lips I’m getting sores and deep lines where the wire is digging in.

All this means my lips are swollen and I look like I’ve had fillers! I’m talking with a slight lisp and not opening my mouth fully as it’s too painful.

Eating has to be soft as anything else gets stuck in the braces and my teeth and are so sensitive that cleaning them is painful still. I’ve been living off chocolate moose but today I branched out to mash potato, oh the joys!

I’ve taken less pain killers today but applied more bongela so I don’t know what is better. I just hope by the weekend my mouth won’t feel like its velcro being ripped apart each time I open it!

Some of time the comments I’ve received over the last 2 days:

“Wow I bet that’s expensive”

“Why have you had that done?”

“You should have waited until after Christmas”

“Bet you wish you didn’t do it now!”

Yes it wasn’t cheap but it’s my decision and I’m lucky we are in a position to afford it monthly. I’ve had it done because I’ve always hated my teeth and when T started smiling with her mouth shut I knew I had to do something about it. Maybe I should have waited until after Christmas but what am I really missing out on, Christmas buffet food and red wine so far, I’ll be alright because I know this is worth it in the end. And nope, however much pain I’m in I know I will thank Scott for convincing me to do this one day, I would never have been able to pluck up the courage to do it alone and there is no going back now!



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Adult braces- here we go!

Well the day had finally arrived where I was able to have my braces fitted. I was fine up until an hour before the appointment when I got so unbelievably nervous I had butterflies.

I arrived at the the appointment and they were all very lovely and told me how it wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t really know what to expect today, and what did happen I could never have imagined. First of all no one told me about the huge plastic mouth opener you have to suffer so that your teeth stay dry while they fit the braces . Then there is the water. Lots of cold water sprayed over the gel they put on your teeth, so much water I had to keep telling myself I wasn’t going to drown! A little dramatic I know but I think the fact my face was being pulled apart by this cheek opener and my tongue was kind of crushed by something else it felt like I could hardly breathe so the water really didn’t help! Once the water stopped she applied the little ceramic squares. Once they were all in place they were set with a UV light pointed at each tooth. After this I could sit up and rinse before having the wires fitted. Again no one told me there would be long wires sticking out of my mouth and pinging against my face while they were twisted in place! This didn’t hurt until the last twist when I felt my teeth really tighten!

So this was the point I was done. I felt like I had this alien in my mouth and I had to struggle to get my lips over it.I asked for a mirror, took a deep breath had a look then burst into tears! I was not expecting what looked back at me. I mean I knew there would be braces but all the pictures you see are of braces on straight teeth.  No one said now remember when you get your braces fitted it will really accentuate how wonky your teeth really are, be prepared for that! Nope no one thought to tell me that.

The dental nurse was lovely. She took me aside and told me exactly what to do to look after them and how I would notice a fair bit of movement before my next appointment so I should be pleased.

A few more tears in the car and when I got home and then I had my first visitor. My next door neighbour came round with T’s Christmas present. She told me they don’t look anywhere near as bad as I thought which was nice. I took a few pictures and sent them to my family and they were all very encouraging too. I think it was just the initial shock of seeing all this stuff in my mouth that did it. If you are getting braces just prepare yourself you will not like them when you first see them! I’m hoping over the next few months and years I will see a lot of change and become used to my braces as I have the metal bar across the roof of my mouth.

I have to remember this is long term investment not an instant fix.

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Christmas Chaos

So yesterday my family got together and had our Christmas meet up, it was loud, fun, present giving chaos as usual! We played games, ate food, took photos and laughed a lot! We spoke to my sister from NY on face time and my brother messaged from Uni and later on Scott arrived after work which completed our evening.

Today we drove back and T painted pictures while I emptied the car then we watched The Polar Express with only the Christmas lights on, the perfect ending to our early Christmas weekend.

Here is a snapshot of our day!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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Christmas Cheer

So here it is a whole week since I had 4 teeth out ready for my braces to be fitted and today is the first day without any pain relief! What a week, I’ve lost half a stone, been tired, emotional, powered through work and existed only on a liquid diet but I can still say I’m pleased I did it all in one go. The thought of going for two separate visits and doing all this twice is pretty awful and as a Mother and working wife I’ve still managed this week as usual just pumped on pain relief so it can be done people!

This week is definitely ending on a much better note than it began, T had her last ballet lesson this year yesterday which means it’s time for us to watch! This is not something we get to do very often so it was a really enjoyable 45 minutes watching what she is learning for her next exam. No I’m not one of those pushy parents, T has done ballet since she was 4 after she started dancing to a ballet dvd with Darcy Bussell and she hasn’t looked back since. We go once a week and she does a show each summer and an exam each spring. When she first started she didn’t know a single child in the room and apart from needing to be walked in the room she didn’t need me at all. Since then she has had friends join and leave but this doesn’t bother her and she always looks forward to her lesson every week and always comes out with a smile. I love that this is something she can do and enjoy that doesn’t take up too much of her time and I don’t need to push her into. Plus her cousins who are now 19 and 16 have been ballerinas since they were tiny too so I think watching them just makes her excited to be like them as she gets older.


So not only did I get to watch ballet yesterday but it was also the Christmas nativity performance at the school during the evening, yes it was a busy day, and it really was a fantastic Christmas story with plenty of humour and lots of singing so just perfect for a nativity. My little innkeeper did me proud!


So finally tomorrow is our family Christmas! All my family will be enjoying a Christmas dinner, exchanging presents and playing games, after a 2 hour drive to get there! So the presents are packed, the puppy is bathed and our outfits are set for the morning, here is to the chaos that will follow! 😊

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Little by little

So today I have managed my pain relief much better and it has worked out a better day. Work passed uneventfully with soup and a shake and this evening I helped T finish her homework project and then washed and dried her hair. This is something I’ve loved to do since it started to grow long. Tonight she looked like Rapunzel, there is no other word for it, I’m totally in love with her beautiful hair and won’t ever let her cut it!

My little Rapunzel

After bath time I wrapped presents then curled up with a peppermint tea after a recommendation from a friend.

I think it’s fair to say I still have a way to go but I may have turned a very small corner.

Thank you for all your support everyone

Lou xx

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Bye bye evening

Yesterday was hard. my gums are so sore all I dare eat at work all day was a shake and some soup. I did the salt rinse at lunch time which as always made me feel sick. After I got home I made dinner for Scott and T, walked the dog, helped T do some homework and then attempted to eat just 2 scrambled eggs on their own on a plate. This was a bad idea. Just the action of food going in my gaps is painful let alone the feeling I get when I have to use my tongue to get it out. After eating I have extreme soreness and some shooting pains in my gums which only subsides after a minimum of 4 pain killers. Last night I sat down and after getting T to bed and felt exhausted. Just physically drained from eating 2 eggs. I fell asleep for an hour and a half. This is not me. I’m not just a fall asleep anywhere kind of person. This is taking it out of me and I wish it would start to turn a corner soon.

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Who needs to eat anyway?

So its been 3 days since I had my 4 teeth out ready for my braces to be fitted and it’s bit a bit quiet on the food front! Well Friday night I made pizza and last night a lasagne, unfortunately I haven’t been able to eat any of it! In fact the first solid food I have managed since Thursday morning is 3 tiny sandwiches and half a mini scone at a Christmas afternoon tea with some friends yesterday afternoon! Well if you are going to try food it might as well be cake! 😄

The only thing was after slowly taking mouse sized bites and mostly just swallowing it without chewing my gums were so sore all evening the only thing I ate was painkillers!

My slight lisp hasn’t disappeared yet either, I think my mouth is still so sore I’m actually a little bit scared to try and speak properly because it hurts so hopefully that will sort itself out soon.

Even with this constant aching and rattling from all the painkillers I still took T to her ballet party Friday night, her last riding lesson of the year today and now we are off for our annual trip to see the lights in town! No wonder I spend most evenings laying on the sofa exhausted!

Hurry up Christmas and 10 days at home with my loved ones.