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Keeping it together

Lately I’ve been ‘keeping it together’ about a lot of things, mostly in the lead up to Christmas if I’m honest but some general stresses too. I’m the type of person to get completely stressed about a lot of things especially if I let things build up over time and bulldoze me all at once! But the last week or so I have found myself accepting what will be will be. If someone has said something to irk me I’ve had a chat with myself and said is it worth it?Β  Do you need a mini meltdown over this or should I just let it wash over me? I’m not sure why but I find myself making a conscious decision to not let things affect me as much.
I have one week until I have 4 teeth out to have my braces fitted and I am pretty terrified deep down, but although I think about it several times a day I am being unusually calm about it. I’ve just told myself what will be will be, I will be ok and I will get through it why should I consume the next week thinking about it!
The Christmas presents will get bought as will the food and the month will run as normal so here’s to no stress December!

I’m hoping this attitude will get me through my extra busy month and keep me in the festive mood and enjoying Christmas as a whole month, not just the 1 day my little T will be away for!

Positive Christmas thoughts at all times! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…slide28


3 thoughts on “Keeping it together

  1. Thank you for these wonderful reminders. It’s so easy to get frazzled by the time crunch and the many details. But so true, it will all get done (except for my Christmas cards, which may not happen this year).

    I hope all goes well with having your teeth pulled. That is a big thing to anticipate! But it sounds like you are taking it in stride. πŸ™‚

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