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Christmas has arrived

Today we decorated the house 😊 There is really nothing I love more than to sing Christmas songs at the top of my voice with my little T and husband while decorating the trees, yes we have 2 from when 2 houses came into one but I love it.

Now the trees are up and the house is looking festive we have the advent candle to burn each day and we can really start to look forward to Christmas. We had a neighbour in for coffee to share our decorations with her as she is on her own for the first time this year after losing her husband and T took her upstairs to even show her tree off. It was lovely to share our Christmas feeling with her and invite her into our home for more than a quick chat.

All this was done after we had watched T ride this morning, a lesson she didn’t want to go to but purely because she just wanted to do the decorations all day instead! She had a great lesson and it set us in good stead for our family day.

The evening was spent at my in laws for dinner, the last time we will all be together until boxing day so was good to deliver cards and catch up with everyone.

My only wish would be that you could have come to our home and spent time here, all I want is for you to feel at home here and I’ve tried my hardest this week to ensure the finest details were covered to make this happen but you didn’t come and I just wish you could have.

This home is filled with love and I hope one day you will feel like you want to be more of a part of it.


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