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Adult braces the build up

So last night I had the first mini meltdown about my teeth coming out on Thursday. So far I’ve kept it together pretty well considering I’m terrified but last night when I got into bed it all came out. Poor Scott had to deal with me saying there will be blood lots of blood and it’s going to be really painful! Once he had calmed me down I just seemed to think about everything else I still have to do before Thursday, I’ve pretty much written this weekend off as I’m sure I’m going to look like a puffer fish and feel like I’ve been hit with a tonne of bricks, and started to get worried about that. I eventually calmed down and managed to fall asleep but was awake again early this morning thinking about it.

Any ideas on how to skip time so Thursday will just hurry up and get here??  Failing that coping strategies for during the procedure?


17 thoughts on “Adult braces the build up

  1. You’re going to do great! I don’t know if this helps but when I had to get teeth pulled I would lay back in the chair and close my eyes and just listen to sounds. It’s not too bad. It’s easy to hype ourselves up especially when we don’t know what to expect but it’ll be over before you know it!

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  2. Awww! Have never had teeth pulled, but maybe you can play some music when you go? I have no idea.. maybe ask how long the procedure will take & divide that by like 3 min (normal song time length) & then you will know how many songs you have to get through before it’s all over?!

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  3. Hang in there girl. When I was adopted at 9 months, I had such bad teeth due to malnutrition and just overall bad genes, so my adoptive parents put thousands of dollars into my mouth to get it all fixed. I’ve been poked and prodded, numbed and pulled at for years of my childhood (and they didn’t have the stuff they have now so endured the pain). Today I am so petrified of Dentists strictly because of all that in my past so I feel for you. My teeth are nice, straight, and pretty now, but I still have issues and I have anxiety disorder so bad I wont even do the sleep stuff, I just get the shot to numb me up and away I go! Coconut oil and garlic helps a lot with the quick recovery for me but the Dentist not something I enjoy. However, I can tell you, it’ll be over an done with soon. I just think about things I’m going to be doing the following week =D Good luck!

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  4. Hey there, I have just realised that today is the big day for you! I hope it all went well. I am pretty sure you will be fine. Dont use a straw or spit. Salty mouthwashes for the next few days and rinse out gently. The needles didnt sting me and I didnt feel a thing when they took both my teeth out. I was so relieved to get it over with though which is exactly how you should be feeling now. xx

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    1. Hey, thank you for the advice! I’m ok, it did sting but there was no pain when the teeth came out you are right! It’s just the hour right after when you have no control over your mouth that is the worst! Feeling much better now though and so glad it’s done! Hope you are ok!x


      1. Yay that’s wonderful! I was on cloud 9 once it was over. You have been brave and now its over with. No control is so true. My lips flapped when I spoke on the first day lol. It will be feeling and looking much better by tomorrow. Well done you! Next step is your braces fitted hopefully. I am going next week for them to be tightened and so pleased with the movement of my teeth so far. The camera on my phone is rubbish but I will try and take some pictures and show you xx

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      2. I couldn’t speak or swallow for the first hour it was awful! Now I’m almost back to normal though, yes braces on the 19th! So pleased it will look and feel better in the morning! Great look forward to it. Hope its all been ok and the tightening isn’t too bad! Xx


      3. Oh blimey that doesn’t sound good. Glad its getting better now. I have published (I think!) 3 pictures of my teeth now. You can see how much they have moved by the little spaces between the teeth. Really pleased with the progress. The tightening isn’t too bad. Just tender for a few days xx

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