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Adult braces -bye bye teeth!

So today was the day, my 4 teeth left me forever! This morning came and I was terrified, quite literally shaking as I walked in the dentist room. He was good to reassure me there would be no pain and started with numbing paste on my gums before the injections. The solution does sting as it goes in but it doesn’t last long and within seconds your whole side of your face is numb. I had to have a few because I was having 4 teeth out but that really was the worst part of being there.

After that the teeth were wiggled back and forth and came out with not too much fuss. After holding and tissue to my mouth while walking out and paying I just wanted to get home.

Unfortunately I started to feel a little faint when I got in so had to lie down for a little while, my body is a bit lame like that with most injections so I’m surprised I lasted that long to be honest!

This didn’t last too long though but the first hour after getting home was pretty nasty. I couldn’t feel my face at all and so just kept dribbling into a towel as I couldn’t swallow either! After 1 hour of this I was finally able to take some paracetamol and after 2 hours I sort of shoved a kids yoghurt into my mouth,  which still wouldn’t open more than a couple of cm so this was a struggle at times but I was starving!

We are now a few hours in and my face has returned to normal, woohoo! I’m hoping to try some warm soup soon, still feel pretty wiped out by it all but I’m just glad it’s done! Onwards and upwards to full on braces!

This is my before picture to remind myself why I am doing this.




4 thoughts on “Adult braces -bye bye teeth!

  1. I hope you aren’t too dazed to read this lol … Great Job!!! You should be PROUD of yourself!! Soup and yogurt sound delish! I ate my kids banana baby food one time when I had teeth work done, it was sooo good *bad mom!!* lol

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  2. So happy to hear it went so well! I didn’t want to tell you earlier in the when, but when my wisdom teeth were extracted, there were bits of tooth flying everywhere. (The teeth were impacted, so was a challenge to remove them.) It’s certainly an exhausting procedure. Be sure to get as much rest as you can, and enjoy that custard!

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