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Who needs to eat anyway?

So its been 3 days since I had my 4 teeth out ready for my braces to be fitted and it’s bit a bit quiet on the food front! Well Friday night I made pizza and last night a lasagne, unfortunately I haven’t been able to eat any of it! In fact the first solid food I have managed since Thursday morning is 3 tiny sandwiches and half a mini scone at a Christmas afternoon tea with some friends yesterday afternoon! Well if you are going to try food it might as well be cake! šŸ˜„

The only thing was after slowly taking mouse sized bites and mostly just swallowing it without chewing my gums were so sore all evening the only thing I ate was painkillers!

My slight lisp hasn’t disappeared yet either, I think my mouth is still so sore I’m actually a little bit scared to try and speak properly because it hurts so hopefully that will sort itself out soon.

Even with this constant aching and rattling from all the painkillers I still took T to her ballet party Friday night, her last riding lesson of the year today and now we are off for our annual trip to see the lights in town! No wonder I spend most evenings laying on the sofa exhausted!

Hurry up Christmas and 10 days at home with my loved ones.


One thought on “Who needs to eat anyway?

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