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Christmas Cheer

So here it is a whole week since I had 4 teeth out ready for my braces to be fitted and today is the first day without any pain relief! What a week, I’ve lost half a stone, been tired, emotional, powered through work and existed only on a liquid diet but I can still say I’m pleased I did it all in one go. The thought of going for two separate visits and doing all this twice is pretty awful and as a Mother and working wife I’ve still managed this week as usual just pumped on pain relief so it can be done people!

This week is definitely ending on a much better note than it began, T had her last ballet lesson this year yesterday which means it’s time for us to watch! This is not something we get to do very often so it was a really enjoyable 45 minutes watching what she is learning for her next exam. No I’m not one of those pushy parents, T has done ballet since she was 4 after she started dancing to a ballet dvd with Darcy Bussell and she hasn’t looked back since. We go once a week and she does a show each summer and an exam each spring. When she first started she didn’t know a single child in the room and apart from needing to be walked in the room she didn’t need me at all. Since then she has had friends join and leave but this doesn’t bother her and she always looks forward to her lesson every week and always comes out with a smile. I love that this is something she can do and enjoy that doesn’t take up too much of her time and I don’t need to push her into. Plus her cousins who are now 19 and 16 have been ballerinas since they were tiny too so I think watching them just makes her excited to be like them as she gets older.


So not only did I get to watch ballet yesterday but it was also the Christmas nativity performance at the school during the evening, yes it was a busy day, and it really was a fantastic Christmas story with plenty of humour and lots of singing so just perfect for a nativity. My little innkeeper did me proud!


So finally tomorrow is our family Christmas! All my family will be enjoying a Christmas dinner, exchanging presents and playing games, after a 2 hour drive to get there! So the presents are packed, the puppy is bathed and our outfits are set for the morning, here is to the chaos that will follow! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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