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Adult braces- here we go!

Well the day had finally arrived where I was able to have my braces fitted. I was fine up until an hour before the appointment when I got so unbelievably nervous I had butterflies.

I arrived at the the appointment and they were all very lovely and told me how it wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t really know what to expect today, and what did happen I could never have imagined. First of all no one told me about the huge plastic mouth opener you have to suffer so that your teeth stay dry while they fit the braces . Then there is the water. Lots of cold water sprayed over the gel they put on your teeth, so much water I had to keep telling myself I wasn’t going to drown! A little dramatic I know but I think the fact my face was being pulled apart by this cheek opener and my tongue was kind of crushed by something else it felt like I could hardly breathe so the water really didn’t help! Once the water stopped she applied the little ceramic squares. Once they were all in place they were set with a UV light pointed at each tooth. After this I could sit up and rinse before having the wires fitted. Again no one told me there would be long wires sticking out of my mouth and pinging against my face while they were twisted in place! This didn’t hurt until the last twist when I felt my teeth really tighten!

So this was the point I was done. I felt like I had this alien in my mouth and I had to struggle to get my lips over it.I asked for a mirror, took a deep breath had a look then burst into tears! I was not expecting what looked back at me. I mean I knew there would be braces but all the pictures you see are of braces on straight teeth.  No one said now remember when you get your braces fitted it will really accentuate how wonky your teeth really are, be prepared for that! Nope no one thought to tell me that.

The dental nurse was lovely. She took me aside and told me exactly what to do to look after them and how I would notice a fair bit of movement before my next appointment so I should be pleased.

A few more tears in the car and when I got home and then I had my first visitor. My next door neighbour came round with T’s Christmas present. She told me they don’t look anywhere near as bad as I thought which was nice. I took a few pictures and sent them to my family and they were all very encouraging too. I think it was just the initial shock of seeing all this stuff in my mouth that did it. If you are getting braces just prepare yourself you will not like them when you first see them! I’m hoping over the next few months and years I will see a lot of change and become used to my braces as I have the metal bar across the roof of my mouth.

I have to remember this is long term investment not an instant fix.


9 thoughts on “Adult braces- here we go!

  1. The first thing I noticed in the photo was your lovely hair and perfect curls, which I can’t ever seem to get right with my own hair. Also, your braces are white and so subtle. I had a mouthful of metal from ages 10 to 13 and your description of getting braces put on completely brought me back to that moment in the orthodontist’s chair. It really was rather torturous and I’d forgotten all about it! You are a trooper going through all this. And you look lovely!

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    1. Awh thank you that’s so nice! Yes it really wasn’t the best experience I’ve ever had but it sounds like everyone was the same. Yes the top ones are white but the bottom are metal so that’s something to get used to. Still very self conscious but hopefully the more people u show the less bothered about it you become. Just wish it would feel more comfortable now.

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    1. Ah thank you! It’s hard, really hard at the minute. I still can’t bite down so have to suck tiny pieces of food and by the end of the day my mouth is so sore I just want to curl up and sleep. I’m hoping it will stop hurting so much soon and get a bit easier!

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