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Braces 2 days in

Well its been an emotional couple of days now being a brace wearer! Firstly I hated my face with this new jewelry! Yes the top brace is white and hardly noticeable but the bottom isn’t and that bothers me in a big way. But hey I woke up yesterday morning with bigger things on my mind, the pain in my teeth and lips! So I can’t bite down yet because the pain is horrid and if my teeth touch they are just so sensitive it’s painful too. Now also the pain in my lips is there all the time where the braces are rubbing on the inside of my lips I’m getting sores and deep lines where the wire is digging in.

All this means my lips are swollen and I look like I’ve had fillers! I’m talking with a slight lisp and not opening my mouth fully as it’s too painful.

Eating has to be soft as anything else gets stuck in the braces and my teeth and are so sensitive that cleaning them is painful still. I’ve been living off chocolate moose but today I branched out to mash potato, oh the joys!

I’ve taken less pain killers today but applied more bongela so I don’t know what is better. I just hope by the weekend my mouth won’t feel like its velcro being ripped apart each time I open it!

Some of time the comments I’ve received over the last 2 days:

“Wow I bet that’s expensive”

“Why have you had that done?”

“You should have waited until after Christmas”

“Bet you wish you didn’t do it now!”

Yes it wasn’t cheap but it’s my decision and I’m lucky we are in a position to afford it monthly. I’ve had it done because I’ve always hated my teeth and when T started smiling with her mouth shut I knew I had to do something about it. Maybe I should have waited until after Christmas but what am I really missing out on, Christmas buffet food and red wine so far, I’ll be alright because I know this is worth it in the end. And nope, however much pain I’m in I know I will thank Scott for convincing me to do this one day, I would never have been able to pluck up the courage to do it alone and there is no going back now!




3 thoughts on “Braces 2 days in

  1. Hey there. Just noticed you have your braces! Yes, they hurt at first but its so worth it. I hate mine too but the difference already is fantastic. I am having to return tomorrow as one of my brackets has fallen off ooppps! I am still not used to mine and having my bottom ones done in January. I just know its so worth it. I smile now with my teeth! You will do the same too in time. I did panic when first fitted and thought about the amount of time they will be on for but its just got to be done. It does get easier. Chop all food up into tiny pieces and that will make it easier for you but I know its sore to bite down.

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    1. Hey, oh yes so sore! I can just about swallow tiny pieces of food without chewing so am not wasting away but it’s not easy. It’s the inside of my mouth that is the worst at the minute where the wires are rubbing into my cheek. I’m using mouthwash and bongela so hopefully it will go soon, the wax stuff is tricky to get used to! Oops hope you get yours fixed ok! I have a friend who’s keeps braking off so I think they must be used to people going back.


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