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Adult braces – first day with no pain!

So yesterday morning started as the previous one had with lots of pain, swollen lips and a sore mouth. Then I discovered Corsodyl, this stuff is amazing . After just one use a friend said I was speaking much more clearly and my mouth felt less painful already! I’m now using it morning and night and the sores on my lips are clearing up and it doesn’t hurt to smile anymore! I’m also using less bongela and this morning bit down on food for the first time since Monday! Ok it was a boiled egg and it still hurt but I managed it and this is progress!
My other new best friend is Blistex. Yesterday my lips were cracked and sore but after using this all day yesterday they are happy again!
Finally I’ve also got the hang of the wax and managed to get some to stay on all evening and through the night and I woke up pain free thsi morning!
I know there will be a lot more hurdles to overcome on this journey but this is a small victory against the braces and I feel like I can enjoy spending time with T today doing all things Christmassy being pain free!


5 thoughts on “Adult braces – first day with no pain!

  1. Hey there. Happy Christmas. So glad to hear its getting better. I know what its like when they rub the inside of your mouth. That’s where the wax came in handy for me. Think the secret is to try and dry the area then attach the wax and hope it stays there. Hope your having a lovely Christmas and I am sure your missing your daughter like crazy but she will soon be home and she can have her second Christmas with you both. All the best xx

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    1. Thank you! We had a great Christmas once she got home so it wasn’t all bad 🙂 been using the wax non stop apart from at the in laws yesterday as I look a bit ridiculous with it in! Feel like I’m managing things much better now it’s just a learning curve all the time. Hope you enjoyed Christmas too xx

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