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Christmas Wishes

This Christmas eve was always going to be a little different but it’s actually been a really lovely day. We started by saying goodbye to T’s friend Ruby who slept over last night sending her home with Christmas cookies and a tiara the girls made.


Then my best friend came round and we did Christmas, we both love giving gifts as much as each other so it was really nice to see the looks on each others faces especially T’s when she got her gift. Now she lives an hour away we no longer have her round on Christmas day but I’m just happy she’s finally found someone to make her happy and can spend Christmas happy and in love this year.


Then my Nan arrived for Christmas, it’s been crazy chaos with the two dogs chasing and playing non stop ever since they arrived but it’s been lovely and I’m really looking forward to having her here tomorrow especially during the morning when I won’t have my T here. She left for her Daddy’s and 4pm and this is the first Christmas eve she has ever been away. We set out the reindeer food, the tray for Santa, set out her stocking and read The Night Before Christmas so all the Christmas traditions were met and she was happy to go but I couldn’t help being sad so to have someone here that would just support me for a little while was just what I needed.

Now Scott is home from work and we have 3 whole days together!

I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your friends and families! I’ve been so greatful for the support I’ve been received since starting this blog and really look forward to reading more of your stories in the new year!

Lots of love

Lou xxx


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