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Our family Christmas

I was really apprehensive about this Christmas as it was the first I wouldn’t wake up with my baby girl but I was so lucky to have my Nan stay with me from Christmas eve right up until boxing day and she helped me through my mini breakdown when T left Christmas eve. After that there were a couple of moments during our quiet morning where me and Scott hugged and just missed her but before we knew it she was home and our Christmas began.

I am always so amazed at how well behaved T can be when there was not even a mention of her main present as we had opened everything and were clearing up Scott wheeled it in. Her face was a picture and then she ran over and threw her arms around him, I’m so glad I videoed this moment.



I’ve learnt to manage my braces over the Christmas period but am still finding foods I can’t eat, crisps and crackers are off the menu and I find myself fishing through the chocolate box for the soft centred ones but apart from that I’ve coped pretty well with food. The wax is now my best friend and I’m getting used to the cleaning routine at night. I can’t really talk properly until I’ve had a hot drink in the mornings as my face feels like it’s glued to my braces but maybe Scott will tell you this silence is a good thing😉

One thing we have done in the post Christmas haze of dvds, winter walks, chocolate and presents is set up T’s two fairy doors she got from two separate people. She is really excited and if I’m honest so am I!  Any little chance to keep the magic alive for my girl as she approaches 7 and I’m on it so today as she has left for her Dad’s again the first fairy has visited. The key has ‘disappeared’ from the outside door and I cannot wait for her to notice. I’m already planning ideas for this fairy and how I will tell the tale, my Nan says I should write books I have such an imagination.

Our woodland fairy door
Our tooth fairy door

As for Poppy she celebrated her first Christmas as any 6 month old puppy should, playing with friends and enjoying new treats and toys. She has been amazing with all the noise, company, present giving, change of location and routine and we couldnt be prouder of her.


All in all it has been a fantastic few days, now time to relax infront of the fire with a glass of wine before the real excitement begins for T’s birthday party Friday!



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