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One more sleep till 7

So the festive season is almost over and it’s been a great one! I’ve learnt a few lessons along the way and had a lot of fun times and laughs with the people that matter to me the most.

Friday I pulled off a Princess Tiana party for my Princess Tiana! With 8 friends and a face painter she had a brilliant time and I felt incredibly proud that I did that, planned, invited, paid for and executed, (with a little help) the party she asked for. I know it doesn’t sound like much but all I want is for her to have each birthday just a little better than the last. It’s not about money spent as this party was at home but how much she enjoyed planning and making the decorations with me along with choosing the prizes for each game and helping select the food and design the homemade Tiana book marks for the party bags. This process has been something we have loved doing together and with each rsvp she got more and more excited. This is something I can say I did for her every year without fail and without compromise.

The next excitement is for her 7th birthday tomorrow! Just how did my tiny 7lb 11oz baby grow to be such a beautiful little 7 year old I will never know! Her cheeky little personality makes me smile every day as she tries to involve herself in adult conversation often just making us laugh! Her affectionate and loving ways not only to her family but also her friends also makes me extremely proud along with the way she has settled into the responsibility of taking care of her puppy daily. She is a strong willed and confident person and will try her hardest to achieve her best in everything she does before asking for help although she is happiest when in a familiar situation (we are similar there) T loves a list, a plan of the day, hour, week or month and loves to be busy(more of my qualities). Although she loves routine and structure she also copes so well when things change at the drop of a hat and thankfully hasn’t inherited my stresses and anxieties about this. I think it’s clear to see I’m incredibly proud of the little person she has become and am beyond excited to see what age 7 has to bring her.

Oh yes the lessons I have learnt over the Christmas break; ice is slippery, especially on a downwards slope, tiled floors are always cold, take slippers next time, other people’s animals can be unpredictable, be more alert and look where you are going when in a strange garden at 1am waiting for your dog to wee!


One thought on “One more sleep till 7

  1. Happy birthday to your little one! And cheers to you for planning a perfect party, especially right after the holidays! The photos are lovely and she looks so happy. This makes me even more excited for my daughter’s birthday party, a week from today. 🙂

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