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Back to reality

So our celebrations are over, in my 10 days off work we have had Christmas, new year and T’s birthday and it’s been fantastic! Right now I’m just feeling lucky to have spent it with such lovely people and had so many good times. Today has been filled with smiles, surprises and one happy birthday girl who finally fell asleep at 7 30 exhausted! I on the other hand don’t want to go to bed tonight as it means I have to wake up and go back to work tomorrow pretending I know what I’m doing after nearly 2 weeks away! Oh the plus side I feel much more confident with my braces now, I can talk a lot easier, know how to manage aches and pains and use the wax when I need to and am getting more confident with food (even though I did have an incident with spaghetti sauce sending my wax slightly orange earlier) I just won’t try anything new at work especially in front of my trainees and I should be fine!

New years resolutions, I intend to continue focusing on this blog because I’ve really enjoyed writing and connecting with people from around the world on so many different issues. The support I’ve received on here has been really wonderful just when I thought I was writing to no one! I also just intend to keep spending my time with as many of my wonderful friends and family as I can and focusing on the positives in my life to help me to deal with any negatives easier.

Happy new year and here’s to a great 2017!



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