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Family ties

So for the last 4 days  we have had my sister staying with us from New York, now we haven’t seen her since January because her Visa was such that she couldn’t leave the country once she was there so it was really good to just spend time and catch up! Being away for so long meant she was able to see everything we had done on social media but she missed out on the being there at occasions, she was unable to come to our wedding and she just didn’t know the day to day things we get upto. After just spending those few days with her I have seen the relationship between her and T blossom and grow once again as it always does when they spend time with each other. She has seen T on her new scooter, been to her school, played board games with her, watched her ride this morning and seen the bond between her and Poppy our puppy. Now the time came when she had to leave today to get yet another visa for 18 months and go back to NY and I was sad for T as she realised once she had left that she missed her. She is fine now but I would love something cheap and easy to be able to do to keep this relationship going between T and her Auntie Tasha, maybe this is not an easy thing considering the distance and the fact that once Tasha gets back to NY she will be pretty busy with her new job. Maybe a picture once  a fortnight by email? A joke? A story they could write together? Ideas would be welcome!

My sister leaving meant my brother came to pick her up along with my Mum and we actually were able to all have a photo together! It’s not often we are all in the same place at the same time so was really nice and T even got herself a big hug from my brother when he left which again was so nice to see as him being away at uni and in 6 months time leaving to go to Japan for a year they don’t get to see each other much either!

All in all today and the last few days has reminded me that my family is my family whether they are here every day or not what matters is how you spend the time with them and what you make of it. We may not be the closest family in the world especially not by distance but they are my family and I wouldn’t change them.




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