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Winter hibernation

These past few weeks I have mostly been focusing on myself and my family. Friends have been easy to keep in touch with via text but to actually meet up, no. Christmas and New year is meant to be a time for family anyway and then we have T’s birthday which took a little while to plan and pull off and my sister visiting all last weekend. Now we are back at work and school and the weather has turned cold and is mostly dark I just feel like most evenings I don’t want to do anything but sit and play with the puppy or carry on working on my 1000 piece jigsaw I got for Christmas, it might be finished by next Christmas at this rate. My point is once you are in from a day in the cold and it’s dark outside, I mean really dark, I just don’t want to go out! Couple that with the lack of money we always have at this time of year and I have turned into a hermit unless I’m walking the dog or walking to school I’m not making any plans to go out!

But I’ll be honest the offers to catch up haven’t exactly been flowing in either so I’m thinking most people are just the same. We are all just on winter hibernation! I’m sure normal service will be resumed by Spring and I will once again want to make plans and see people outside of the playground and work but for now just call me a bear on winter sleep! 😄


6 thoughts on “Winter hibernation

  1. Yep! Thats why the season is called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and it’s a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons. Most symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months and can include loss of energy and moodiness or being anti-social. It should pass. I get this way around this time of year, but even more so now in my midlife as my kids are now older, halfway through high school. Plus holidays have only been with my husband, our kids, and myself because we moved around so much that we never had family or friends nearby, so now that my kids are older, it will only be my husband and I in a few years and it hits me like a ton of bricks. I’m a very social person, but around this time of year I kind of keep to myself and that’s OKAY! =D

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    1. Yes I know what you mean, it’s like the two of us are enough for each other at this time of year, we don’t need anyone else and just enjoy getting snuggled up in the warm! I don’t want to to think about the fact that it will just be the two of us one day! Thankfully it’s a long way off yet with T only being 7 🙂

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  2. I am seriously in hibernation mode too. Lol I just moved to North Dakota from Florida and omg I am always bundled up now. My boyfriend and I always make sure we get everything we need when we are out because we don’t want to have to leave the house if we don’t have to! So yeah, definitely with you on being a hermit at this time of year :))

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