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Beautiful with braces

So its been 4 weeks since I had this contraption fitted to my mouth! 4 weeks since I could bite down properly on food, smile without feeling self conscious and get through a day without a pain somewhere of some sort!
Every single day I’m finding foods still I can’t eat without it hurting my teeth, gums or lips and some foods I can eat but still get caught up in the braces more than others.
I have no need to take pain killers any more but still every single day I will be in pain with my lips rubbing on the braces, always in a different place it seems! I guess this is because my teeth are moving so different areas of my mouth will get irritated on my wires all the time.
Bongela is still my best friend and I apply it first thing each day after cleaning my teeth, then again after cleaning them at work at lunch- not easy in a 30 minute lunch but has to be done, and then again before bed time.
I can now get through the day without using wax and just apply it overnight over all my main sore areas otherwise I start the day with deep lines in my inside lips where I have had my mouth closed all night.
There are some days I’m applying bongela more as I’m talking more in my job role some days more than others and some days as soon as I get home the wax goes on and it’s instant relief!
I’m slowly feeling more confident in my skin with my braces on. I’ve lost a lot of weight and so now feel uncomfortable in some clothes as they are too big on me but I’m finding I worry less about what people are thinking as I’m talking now. Although my hand still comes up to cover my mouth if I am full on laughing because I’m wary it’s quite a sight with a full on mouth of braces!
When it comes to eating I mostly cover my mouth if I have anything I have to chew much just because a lot of the time I’m worried about biting down too hard and braking my wires and it just doesn’t feel right biting down, it’s hard to explain.
Over the last week I’ve started to accept compliments on how I’m looking so much happier lately and how healthy I look along with even some saying my whole smile looks different already!
I think I can it takes time and the first month has been really tough at times but with the right support and encouragement you can feel beautiful with braces ❤


5 thoughts on “Beautiful with braces

  1. Glad your finding it easier now. I am struggling too but it isn’t as bad as when I first got them. I still use wax and had my lowers fitted last week. Its no where near as bad as my upper braces so that’s good. I hope you are noticing movement in your teeth by now.

    I don’t read your blogs regularly as I just forget! Looks like you and your daughter had a fabulous time in London. You both look gorgeous in the pictures you posted.

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    1. Glad to hear your lower braces aren’t as bad! Do you know how long you will need them for? Yes I get through the wax and seem to keep ordering it but eBay and amazon are much cheaper than the orthodontist! I’ve taken a picture recently to try and compare and yes can see a small difference but it’s only been a month, some of them do feel loose occasionally though and ache every now and then so I’m taking this as positive! Ah thank you, we had a great time in London! A real girly fun day.


      1. My orthodontist said it will take less than 18 months. I can’t wait! Lol you have to pay for your wax? That is ridiculous. I can’t believe they make you pay for it on top of all the money you are forking out for the treatment. I get mine for free when I go each time. Yes, mine feel wobbly and loose too but that’s normal. I think the only time we won’t be moaning about our braces is when they come off and then we will have retainers to deal with Hahaha.

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      2. Well I got some wax free the first time but it really was hard work to mould so when that ran out I ordered more, I’m sure if you need more between appointments you have to pay, ive not been back since they were fitted in December yet. The wax I’ve found online is so much better though so I don’t mind paying if it actually sticks! 🙂 I think you are right, there will always be something to complain about until they come off!


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