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Our day in London

So Saturday was a day Tiana and I had been looking forward to since her birthday, we were off for a girls day out to London as her main present was a ticket to see Matilda the musical! All our family put towards her ticket and Scott and I paid for the rest of the day. T was so excited she had a countdown she had been checking off since her birthday on 2nd January and had her outfit planned and little bag packed ready!

Off we went at 9am ready to get the train, this is something she has only done a handful of times so she was already excited! On the train we played games and treated ourselves to a chocolate muffin to share during the hour trip.

On arriving in London we had a planned route of places to go before the show at 2pm so we could fit in as much as possible into our day. We started at the monument, T’s last topic at school was the great fire of London so she was really excited to see this as she already knew it’s significance. It really was something, taller than the surrounding buildings it hits you as soon as you step out of the underground.

After this we were back on the tube to Westminster to show T Big Ben and the London Eye. The first words were “wow that’s so tall!” ,again, I was loving showing her the sights.

After taking some photos here we were off to see the Queen! Well Buckingham palace anyway. T was just as impressed by the huge gold gates as we walked across Green Park but we were lucky enough to see some of the Queens horses as we walked up to the gates of the palace. A quick wave to the Queen and were were off again!

We stopped for some lunch after this and then had a quick chance for some photos with a street performer on the way to find the biggest toy store in London, Hamleys! T had some birthday money to spend and chose to buy a London bear and a new outfit for her build a bear Hollie.

After this it was time to get to the show! After a quick stop to get T a keying for her collection we took our seats. I would recommend this musical to anyone! Its a fantastically fun filled story with adventure, courage and a little bit of naughtiness thrown in! We loved it! We really did have a fantastic day and all T kept saying on the train home was how sad she was it was all over! I feel the same and enjoyed so much my day getting my little T round London that although we were both exhausted I cant wait to take her back again.


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