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We are so often encouraged to be clean these days, clean living, clean eating, having a clean and clear mind and body. Sometimes there is so much focus on this it can just take over! When was the last time you saw someone’s Facebook status talking and about their new diet/ healthy eating plan? I’ve even been guilty of it myself in the past, but recently it seems to be on overload! Maybe it’s the time of year, with everyone and their Aunt trying to detox after Christmas but can’t we all just treat everything in moderation and relax a little? This January I ditched the detox, and left things more to chance! Our meals are healthy but we don’t disallow ourselves treats or snacks and we don’t make ourselves feel guilty if we want a spontaneous Sunday night family trip to buy an ice cream! I’m sure I will get tough on myself for my treats again at some stage but for now life is for living and to be enjoyed! Clean living isn’t all about your diet 😉

Daily prompt – clean 

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