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Today I feel completely drained. I think it’s a combination of a difficult couple of days at work, the wet and dreary weather zapping my energy levels and just generally feeling exhausted for no good reason. And it’s only Tuesday!

I knew this week would throw up some challenges at work and overall I think I’ve coped well with them but it’s only set to continue and today by the end of the day I felt like I had been taken for and ride by someone I was trying to help so left work feeling angry and frustrated. I’m slightly out of my comfort zone at work this week and it seems this being the way forward I will just have to get used to it and deal with any teething problems as they come up, not my style at all so taking some getting used to this. 

The last few nights I’ve been left feeling completely exhausted by the time T goes to bed about 7pm, leaving my evenings good for nothing much apart from 10 minutes on Head space, really helping when I have so much in my head from the day, then nothing else but to light a candle, eat some chocolate and curl up on the sofa with my eyes stinging from the concentration all day.

I know progression and change at work are only a good thing but I hope my mind soon becomes used to it because I would quite like to feel like I have actually enjoyed my evening again at some point in the future! 

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