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On the countdown

Today is 21 days until we get to go back to Devon. This will be the third time we have stayed in this perfect little lodge in the cute little town of Cullompton. This is our time to just be together, there is no signal in the lodge so no social media for me, or random YouTube videos for Scott. No stats updates or updates on group messages from his work or my school mum’s chat. No this time is just purely for us to relax in the hot tub and enjoy each others company and it is bliss. I’ve spoken about Devon before and what happy memories it holds for me and I have a feeling this time will be even more special as we haven’t been for 2 years we are just so excited to get back to the long walks in the day and drinking bubbles in the tub at night while looking at the stars. There really is nothing better and today the countdown begins. 

3 thoughts on “On the countdown

    1. Oh yes it’s perfect to relax and just take in the outdoors and enjoying being outside in nature! When that gets too cold there is always the log burner! We have some fun plans in the next couple of weeks but you can bet this won’t be far from our mind at all times 🙂

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