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Adult braces – the wax

So its been nearly 2 months since I has my braces fitted and the little strips of wax have been my lifesaver. At first I had to use it during the day as my mouth was so sore all the time but gradually I moved to just after work and now it’s only overnight. So there are two types of wax I’ve found, this first type which is what I was given from the orthodontist.

So this ‘wax’, I use the term loosely because it looks nothing like any wax I’ve ever seen, is basically useless. It comes in a cute little glittery pink case and that’s about the best thing about it! It either comes in a long strip or little cubes, neither of these roll into a ball or mould to your teeth like the YouTube videos show you! All this does is stick, lightly to your tooth in a square shape and when you open your mouth to speak the possibility of it falling out is a big one! Also because this wax doesn’t mould it makes your mouth stick out in the area you’ve applied it so you look like you’ve had a tooth out all the time it’s in!

The other type of wax is this;

This wax comes in little strips and you can actually pull off a section, roll it into a little ball and press it down onto the bracket that rubs your cheeks. It stays in the same place until you pick it off, doesn’t make your lips stick out and if you apply it thinly, ie a small ball rolled flat, you can hardly notice it when you talk. I now apply this wax every night in the same two places because otherwise I end up with deep lines in my mouth where the wires rub.

The thing with  braces though is your teeth are always moving so you get in a little routine which works and then bam your teeth move and you start to get pain somewhere else. Now my teeth along the sides seem to be getting attached to my braces in the night and I’m waking up with big sore lumps on the inside of my cheeks. Also I think the wax contributes to the nasty taste I have every morning I wake up but that may just come with having braces.Next step the first tightening! 


3 thoughts on “Adult braces – the wax

  1. This is a true journey ! It’s takes a while to get comfortable in them but you’ll be a pro in no time . That wax is a life saver for lip irritation . Those brackets are the devil sometimes ! I’ve finally gotten comfortable -8 months in . I can’t wait for my results . Good luck on your journey

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    1. Thank you! only a few months to go and I should feel at ease then! It should all be worth it one day, I’m planning to get my teeth whitened along with the braces coming off so I feel amazing about it all. It will be a good day, some time in 2019 ha!

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