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Why mothers day is special to me

So today was Mothers day and I have had a wonderful day just being spoilt by my little person. T has always loved Mothers day and I love the excitement she has for the day. All week her and Scott have been having secret talks always and today they did not disappoint, along with a beautiful plant and chocolates I got a notebook to plan my adventure to Scafell Pike in,a beautiful pendant with separate charms inside each with a special meaning, (there is a T, a heart with Mum engraved on it, the word love and a mother holding a child), and 3 beautiful cards. 

The excitement started when she went to sleep last night with everything hidden under her bed and this morning it all came into our room so I could open everything in bed. She wouldn’t tell me what we were doing until we were ready to leave and then when we got back she wouldn’t tell me where we were going next! The whole idea of her planning little surprises for me all day is just special and I feel so lucky she has Scott to help her pull them all off. 

After coffee and a cake we planted a tree in our garden that we all chose together at our local garden centre, it has a pretty pink blossom and I’m so happy with the space it fills in our garden. Then we had a bike ride round our local country park we enjoyed a family roast at my in laws house. Once T was back here in bed asleep I even got to watch a bit of Coyote Ugly on TV! (I always loved that film so it couldn’t have been a better end to my day!)


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