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Exercise and me!

I have never been the sporty type, through school I wasn’t in any teams and didn’t play any sport that wasn’t part of the PE lesson. Since school I have dipped in and out of exercise regularly. Since school I’ve been a member of a two different gyms, owned 4 different workout dvds, done a bit of running,  watched countless YouTube workouts and followed a few fad diets. 
My workout interest usually depends on the goal. I need a goal to work towards, just being fitter and healthier isn’t enough for me. Last year it was my wedding and honeymoon and right now it’s my holiday in June.

I’m not a natural sports person, running is not something I particularly enjoy or am fast at and I don’t usually look forward to a workout so the reason I do this is purely just to feel good about myself. I’m not bothered what size clothes I wear or what other people think of my size, shape or fitness level I just like to feel body confident in myself. This is something I’ve struggled with in the past but if I know I have worked hard and am in good shape I have no problems feeling confident and happy about myself.

At the minute I’m using my kettle bell to workout, it’s a 6kg bell and I use a dvd to complete a 30 minute workout twice a week. One is more cardio and one focuses on abs. I’ve recently been using Scott’s 10kg bell for some of the ab exercises too just to really push myself.  Along with walking Poppy every day for 20 minutes and now my walking club every Friday I think this is a good start for me feeling good for summer!

Im like most people though if I don’t eat well I will put on weight. Usually after Christmas I will always have gained a few pounds, cheese and chocolate every day for a week will do that to your waistline, but this year I had my braces fitted in December so for the first time after Christmas I had actually lost weight! I’m eating normally again now and there are only a few things I struggle with but thankfully I seem to be a steady weight so my aim for my exercise is purely to try and improve my fitness levels with that end goal in mind of climbing Scafell Pike next year!

I’ve been back in my fitness regime for 4 weeks now and am feeling better for it already. I plan to keep it up to do the best I can to feel body confident in myself. It is true what they say when it comes to fitness hard work really does pay off so I plan to continue until I get the results I’m looking for! 

3 thoughts on “Exercise and me!

  1. We just bought a trampoline last weekend. I haven’t been running for months and thought it would be a great way to get aerobic again before (wrecking myself) running. It’s been a blast, though I was a little overly enthusiastic given how long it’s been … soooo tired …

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    1. Oh wow that’s a great way to get fit! I haven’t ran since September, I really don’t find it easy so it has to be a beautiful sunny day and pretty warm for me to even consider it! I do love to see my times naturally get quicker as I keep going though so I think I will start again in a few weeks our evenings are getting lighter. I’m not one for couples running though, not when my husband runs 6 minute miles!

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