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15.75 miles a beautiful sunset and our busy weekend 

So my walking got slightly stunted this week when the weather was not on our side and one day I couldn’t walk at all the rain was so bad! I was amazed at how frustrated I felt that I could have walked and felt ready to go but it just honestly wasn’t practical to get me and the dog totally soaked for no reason other than to rack up some miles! That said I’ve still had my second best week ever walking over 15 miles. 

Wednesday was a peaceful walk of nearly 3 miles during the evening when Scott was out and I just decided to head down to the lake with Poppy and walk all the way round and back home again! Half way round I was starting to flag but once I turned that corner I was amazed how my energy returned and I just felt a drive to get home and finish my loop. This was my beautiful view once I had walked round.

Friday I walked with my walking group again and we walked another new route for me through a beautiful wood full of bluebells stopping for a drink at the Fox and Hounds. This is our just over 4 mile route.

This weekend we only managed a few miles as we decided to start a few projects at home and have spent a lot of time with family and friends which has been great. 
In particular the church fete today was a lot of fun and made my friends and I realise that even though our girls are growing up so fast we can’t keep up they still love a fete! 😊

After our fete we had dinner at the in-laws and T got to take home her fairy sign that my father in law had made her. She was really happy with it as she designed it herself and it’s now the perfect addition to our fairy garden. Sometimes I wish I could bottle her innocence and keep it forever. 

I hope you have all had a great weekend and I would love to hear what you got upto! 

Thank you for reading!

Lou x

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Building my workout routine

So a little while ago I wrote a post about exercise and me. Well it’s now been 2 months since I started my regular workouts so I decided it was time for a progress picture.

No I’m not about to post a picture of my abs 2 months apart, that’s not why I’m here. The reason I’m here is to tell you the cycle that I seem to follow with exercise.
First I need a reason for to motivate myself, this could be a holiday, big occasion, weekend away or my wedding was probably the biggest one I ever had!
Once I have my motivation I need drive. The drive comes easy for the first and probably 2nd time of working out but can easily start to fade early on in training especially if you haven’t been going long enough for any sort of results to show. I get the sort of mentality of ‘yes I’ve got the holiday coming up but hey one night off won’t hurt, I’ll get back on it next week.’ This is when I need to have a word with myself and remind myself I won’t get anywhere without commitment to the routine and do I want to see results or not.
Soon I start to feel resentment towards the routine, annoyance that I have to give up my time to complete it, fed up from the ache and fatigue it brings. This is when I continue to push on because I know this leads me to the next stage which is familiarity. I become familiar with the workout and start to feel less tired afterwards. I can remember the routine and am becomming a pro at the exercises. I start to enjoy the workout at this stage.
Now I’m enjoying the workout I look forward to the next one and plan my evening around the session. I try to encourage others to work out with me, big mention to my workout buddy T for doing most of the exercises a 7 year old can before bed twice a week.
Now I’ve hit a milestone, the 2 month mark has appeared and I’m forced to take stock and see if this has all been worth it. I can tell you it is!! I have more definition in my abs and feel so much more toned and happy with my shape than I did before. Im not at the end of my workout journey by a long shot but this milestone has shown me that I’m on the right track.

So now I’m on to the best stage, feeling proud of my achievement so far! 😊 

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17.23 miles in a week of beautiful walks

I would never have believed you if you had told me I could walk over 17 miles in a week and actually enjoy it! It sounds so far but it was helped by the bank holiday meaning we could walk 3.6 miles stopping for a drink on the way and the mornings without T meaning I could do 1 mile before work with Poppy. The lovely sunny evenings have also contributed massively as there is no way we would have walked 2 miles Wednesday evening before going out to our friends house if it was raining! As the sun continued Thursday it meant we could try a new route with Poppy, well i’ll be honest I was attempting a route we took at walking group a few weeks ago but I ended up going slightly wrong and we discovered Bluebell woods!

It really was a beautiful little walk and at 3.5 miles it is definitely somewhere we will go again, although hopefully next time Poppy wont end up so dirty!

Friday I walked with my walking group and with a record 23 of us this week they decided to just do a loop and walk back to our starting point instead of stopping half way for a rest. It was again a walk I hadn’t done before and I ended up chatting to quite a few people I hadn’t spoken to before also which was really nice. Another over 3 miles down.

Today I had my girl back so after a Mother/Daughter shopping trip to spend her hard earned pocket money on some new clothes for summer and stopping for a Costa as a treat we decided to take Poppy out for a little walk. T took her bike which meant I was able to get her much further than if she had walked, we explored our local woods much further than she has ever been before going down steps, up hills and along a river and finally coming out at the next village along Alwalton. We completed our loop home and brought in a 2.8 mile walk!

All this coupled with some little walks with Poppy has taken me over the 17 mile mark, I know this is in a whole week but from walking 2 maybe 3 miles a week with Poppy this is a huge jump and something I feel pretty proud of! Next week school and work return in full so there is no way I will be able to keep this mileage up but I intend to get miles in where I can and carry on upping my fitness ready for our summer trip to the Peak District.

Have a great week everyone! 

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Happy day 

Today is a good day, the best kind of day, today is a day I’ve been waiting for and excited about but also one that has come round quickly and without too much clock watching. 

Today my use returns, no longer am I free to walk miles before and after work at my will, eating late and sneaking in trips to the chip shop. No more lie ins on a work day and quickly throwing some lunch in a bag on my way out of the door. From today games night at friend’s houses with lots of prosecco and giggles will no longer be able to happen on a school night without the need for a babysitter and the fog that descends the next day will once again affect someone else. From this evening the dog will no longer be sleeping facing the front door because she knows there is someone missing and she is waiting for them to come home. My time will be shortened in the mornings and taken up by reading and homework in the evenings. School uniform will need to be prepared, baths and hair washes scheduled in. Bed time stories will once again be a thing and that school backpack will see the light of day after 2 weeks stored in the cupboard. Hair styles will need to be planned and executed daily and packed lunches planned. Time to catch up on that series I’ve been wanting to watch for 3 weeks, gone. Extra time to prepare for the car boot sale we are doing Sunday, forget it. Time to spend my Saturday evening watching something that isn’t Britain’s got talent, not a chance. 

All this because today my T is home and I get to kiss that little face again! To be called Mummy and be needed morning and night by this person sometimes just for a cuddle! To be able to tuck her in at night and wake her up in the mornings, get her ready for school and help her learn when she gets home. To spend the weekend playing and the evenings watching trash tv while snuggled on the sofa. To hold that little hand again and have my baby girl back that is why today is a happy day. 💜


12 miles down and a new look for MrsM!

So last week I somehow managed to walk 12 miles! I aware some people, namely my husband, walk this far in their work most weeks but for me working in an office environment is is something totally new to me! I had planned to up my walking miles to accommodate for our trip to the Peak District in July and having a beautiful week off work in the sunshine meant we could take the dog for several long walks and bike rides slowly racking up the miles! I thought I would keep track of my miles just so I could see how much progress im making with the end goal of climbing Scafell Pike next year. Now I’m back at work I will be interested to see how much time I have to fit walking in along with my 2 scheduled workouts a week using my kettle bells but I’m going to try as much as I can.

With yesterday being a bank holiday we walked a lovely little loop stopping for a mid afternoon drink at the Windmill pub totalling up 3.6 miles.
Today being back at work I only had time for a quick walk this morning and one this evening too totalling 1.6 miles along with a 30 minute kettle bell workout focusing on my abs.

I will keep you all updated with how I progress and how I’m feeling fitness wise in the run up to our Peak district trip.

As my blog is moving into it’s 7th month I felt it was time for a little change so you will now see a different layout and colour scheme which I felt fits my writing and subjects better, I hope you like it!

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Healthy parenting vs convenience 

Parenting is a minefield this we know and one part of that minefield is parenting healthily. From the moment we have a baby we are given advice like breast is best, only use homemade baby food, water over juice and so it goes on. As your child gets older this advice gets less and less and you are left to make your own decisions and parent your child in the way you see fit. Yes this is good, we have this little person that we can shape into whatever we choose diet wise. They can be vegetarian, vegan, drink only soya milk or live off of McDonald’s!

T has always had a balanced diet, she loves all vegetables and fruit, has never been a fussy eater and is usually willing to try new foods. But as your child gets older and becomes easier to parent on the go, grabbing a quick snack on the way to ballet becomes the norm rather than preparing a fully homemade blended fruit puree decanted lovingly into a sterilised Tupperware!

Sunday’s are now no longer for batch cooking the weeks meals and freezing individually into carefully measured portions but instead for completing homework, attending play dates, ironing school clothes and searching for PE kits.
The days of searching for organic, unprocessed, appealing snacks for your little one are now replaced with handing out the closest item to hand from the snack cupboard.
Gone is the separate meal time for your little one including a separate menu using carefully selected seasonal vegetables to broaden your child’s tastes as they grow. Now they eat what you eat at the time you eat it, and frozen vegetables occasionally is no longer a cardinal sin.

Does all this mean I am a bad parent? No, it simply means I am human. T has become easier to parent as she has grown but in this time her needs have also understandably changed. This means my time is spread between hobbies, school work, play dates and family time rather than fully focusing on prepping and planning her weeks food while watching her play on the carpet.

Yes she still has balanced meals and she likes to count her fruit and vegetables at the end of every day to see who has had the most, often if she hasn’t she will ask for more, but certain areas of her diet have become convenient. We have noticed this and a couple of weeks back we decided to make a conscious effort to try and change things.

A few things we have decided to change are;

Cereal- we are no longer buying T anything with chocolate in because she loves it or deserves a treat. She loves healthy cereal and hasn’t complained once since we switched so this is something we can easily stick to. This week we have been adding fruit to porridge and Weetabix to make it even more fun.







Yoghurt- kids yoghurt is so convenient, you just pick it up and pop it in the lunch box, or hand it out after lunch or dinner. They are also full full full of sugars and colours. We have gone back to basics with natural yoghurt, a drizzle of honey and fruit. I’ve also bought lots of smaller tupperware pots so I can send these in lunches and make them for us adults too!






Snacks- gone are the Barney Bear cake bars, The individually wrapped, brightly coloured packets of sugary treats will no longer appear in this house on such a regular basis. I was actually surprised how little searching it took to find healthier snacks while shopping in the supermarket and T has enjoyed granola bites instead of biscuits and rice cakes instead of crisps. The good weather has also meant our meals have all been sprinkled with salad and T has enjoyed adding herbs from the garden. Our Easter week has also been the most active it could be with T taking her bike out 4 times and scooter twice and playing outside nearly every day.

Our decision to change our own eating habits as well as T’s hasn’t come at the easiest time with our house now being full of Easter eggs but the initial excitement wears off we intend to go back to chocolate days twice a week, usually a Tuesday and Saturday, this is something we have done for a long time and T looks forward to.

Once school is back and the work routine begins again I’m hoping we will be set to continue with our healthy choices, fitting in fun exercise where we can. I’m not saying there won’t ever be a time where I will say no to throwing a fruit shoot in the back of the car or that a packet of crisps won’t ever darken our cupboard doors again but hopefully this will just be something we see as more of a treat not a staple part of our diets so it will be better for all of us. Overall I will feel I am doing the best I can for T and not relying on convenience when I could make healthy, easy and fun swaps in all our diets. I’ve seen that kids can find just having a change fun so why not change from convenient to healthy and nutritious and get the kids in involved in making and preparing their own food choices when you can too.

Making easy healthy food fun and exciting while enjoying the changes yourself = mum winning!

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Our Easter Week

This week has been great. It has been a week full of play dates, Easter egg hunts, bike rides and more. It has been a week of having fun with my girl, enjoying being her Mumma and having as much fun as possible with her before she goes away for a week on holiday with her Dad. I’ve loved every minute of it, here is a diary of our week. 

Monday we biked round the country park near our house, T helped us wash our cars to earn some pocket money and we went to the library for their Easter event. It was a beautiful sunny day and we finished it by watching a movie together.

Tuesday T went on her pony day. She spent the day at the stables and had 3 hours of riding and spent the rest mucking out ponies, feeding and grooming them and walking them to fields. She hasn’t done a day like this since August and she loved it.

Wednesday we went to a friend’s for an Easter hunt, games and lunch. We have done this for years now and always have a great time there.

Thursday we went to a friend’s for a play date and had a lovely time catching up and it was warm enough for the girls to play outside which was great. In the afternoon we went swimming with my cousin, something we haven’t done in months so T loved it. This is something we need to get back into now so she starts to get her confidence back before our holiday in June.

Friday we went to a friend’s for lunch and a little Easter hunt. T made an Easter crown and enjoyed playing with our little friend Kali while i had lots of cuddles with her baby brother.
We then took a bike ride round the same route we did Monday so I could track it and see how far it was. T was great and so was Poppy. The one bad thing, my phone needed an update so didn’t track the route! This meant when Scott came in from work he ran it and took T back on her bike again!
We found out the route was 2.5 miles so T biked 5 miles today! My little trooper:)

Tomorrow we have our Easter egg hunt at home after the bunny has been 😉 then T and I have the rest of the day to ourselves. It’s been such a fun week and I am just now starting to feel sad I have to be without her for a week. This is the pitfall of having to share I guess. At least I know I couldn’t have shown my little person a more fun week and will remember this every minute I miss her next week. 

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Just let her go

“​Just let her go”  Scott says when we are at the library Easter event and it’s time for children to all run off and find 2 paper eggs each to bring back. I wanted to run with her,  make sure she was alright and didn’t struggle to find some. I imagined her coming back round the corner upset because someone had pushed her or took her eggs. I also thought about the large space that is the library that I was letting her run off into alone. ‘By herself?’ I asked. ‘Yes she’s 7 years old, she will be fine.’ The thought had never crossed my mind that she would just be fine. She is my one and only and always will be and all I’ve ever thought about is to make sure she is ok but it seems now I need to think more about letting her experience life for herself. I’m not talking about letting her walk to the shops alone but maybe letting her run off with a group of other children in a secure environment to find some paper eggs is something she can do on her own. 

T can also be very shy around adults at times, we have spoken to her several times about her talking to grown ups and how she needs to answer when they ask her questions and not just say nothing. She has got better recently but because I’m so used to her saying nothing and then there being an incredibly awkward silence while said adult and me both wait for her answer that never comes I do answer for her sometimes. I know I shouldn’t but it’s just easier than creating yet more awkwardness while I try to coax her into answering.

So this happened at the library, she wasn’t answering so I answered for her a couple of times then when the lovely lady from the library left Scott asked me why I was answering for her. I had literally done it on autopilot and until he made me aware I didn’t even know I had done it. So again we spoke to her about answering adults questions and after this she slightly improved.

So today we were on the way to a friend’s house and I reminded her on the way about how she needed to try hard to speak to adults and again she was much better.
It’s like we have both got in this routine of I do everything for her, follow her around if we are somewhere unfamiliar to make sure she’s ok and answer for her when she doesn’t want to.
I know it’s got to stop but when do you start to let go of your baby and teach them to stand on their own two feet? Have I wrapped her up in cotton wool for too long? Just trying to protect her from feeling shy or embarrassed, is it time to step back and just let go??

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Adult Braces – the wobbly tooth 

So I’m nearly 4 months in now and I’ve noticed my teeth changing. My top teeth aren’t so pronounced and the one that used to really be almost sideways on has turned slightly already. My top gaps are nearly closed from my extractions and overall I’m really pleased with how my top teeth are moving. 

My bottom teeth are moving slower onto the spaces as I’m told the bone is harder at the bottom so it takes longer for the teeth to move into the gaps. Because of the angle of some of my teeth not all of them are included in the wires yet so I’m waiting for spaces to be made so they can be added in. This said I have noticed some movement and now I’ve noticed something I don’t like, I have a wobbly tooth!! 

Now I know this is normal as it happened with one of my upper teeth a few weeks back and it is now all fixed and solid again. This doesn’t stop the feeling of dred when you start to brush your teeth and realise one is moving! Especially when it’s one at the front! I’m hoping if I give it a few days it will have moved as much as it needs to and will start to feel a bit more solid again. All part of having braces I guess, just another thing they don’t put on the advertising! 😄

Here is an update of how my teeth are looking now.

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7 mile Sunday and one great weekend

Today has been a beautiful day! The sun is shining and our beautiful blossom tree looks like it has pink marshmallows hanging from its branches. Not that we have had much time to appreciate it today as we decided to take a walk today and make the most of this beautiful weather. 

We walked from our house through Ferry Meadows country park and along the Nene Valley railway line to Orton Mere and finished up walking the length of the rowing lake and stopping for lunch at a lovely pub called the Boathouse. 

After we had time to refuel and get Poppy a drink we walked back a slightly different way which was still just as peaceful as we walked past the golf course and through the Ferry Meadows steam railway station until we finally made it home nearly 7 miles later! It really was so nice to just be out walking and taking in the sunshine, making the most of our Sunday together. 
Yesterday was Scott’s birthday so Friday we travelled to the coast to stay with my Nan. Once we had tired the doggies out we took a trip into town and spent some 2 p’s on the machines on the seafront. T loves winning the teeny toys that eventually fall out and we had great fun walking along the pier and playing games to win her more prizes for her haul! 

Yesterday we went for a Captians breakfast at a cafe we have been visiting for years on the seafront, this was a birthday treat for Scott and I think he enjoyed it, although he did wish he was taking part in the park run we were watching from the cafe! 

After another long walk with the dogs

and surprising Scott with his birthday cake we headed home and got ready for our evening out. It’s rare we get out for dinner together and even rarer that one of us doesn’t have to drive so we really did make the most of our evening with dinner at Prezzo and cocktails after including a cherry bakewell and an espresso martini! It was such a great day and night and I think we certainly made the most of the birthday celebrations. 

Im just impressed we went out for dinner, drinks and dancing and still walked 7 miles the next day! Peak District/ Lake District training is well and truly on 😉