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Silent loneliness 

It’s days like today where I have been awake since 7 and have the prospect of a whole Saturday alone I am pleased we got our puppy. I really have to force those negative thoughts from my mind and push the positivity in to keep me going. 

I don’t want to be alone all day but Scott has to work to provide for our family. 

I don’t want T to be gone but she has to spend time with her Dad too.

I don’t want to have no plans but after texting several friends this week and no joy with any of them I have to accept they have lives too.

I have no motivation to go to the supermarket and get the things I need but if I don’t T won’t be able to bake for her homework project next week.

I struggle to see the fun in gardening alone but I look at my garden and feel sad that parts of it need weeding and I would be crazy not to take advantage of this sunshine. 

Another walk alone with the puppy does sound lonely and I do wish I had a friend with a dog so we could sometimes go together but if we didn’t have her I wouldn’t have discovered we had such pretty paths to walk.

So the negatives turned into positives mean I have a husband with a job, a daughter who has a relationship with her Dad, friends who have lots of fun things planned with their own families this weekend, money to buy ingredients for T’s homework project, a garden to tidy and sunshine to be able to do it in, and a loving puppy that wants to find a new path to walk with me.

This is how I deal with my silent loneliness until normal service is resumed and my family are home again. ❤


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