12 miles down and a new look for MrsM!

So last week I somehow managed to walk 12 miles! I aware some people, namely my husband, walk this far in their work most weeks but for me working in an office environment is is something totally new to me! I had planned to up my walking miles to accommodate for our trip to the Peak District in July and having a beautiful week off work in the sunshine meant we could take the dog for several long walks and bike rides slowly racking up the miles! I thought I would keep track of my miles just so I could see how much progress im making with the end goal of climbing Scafell Pike next year. Now I’m back at work I will be interested to see how much time I have to fit walking in along with my 2 scheduled workouts a week using my kettle bells but I’m going to try as much as I can.

With yesterday being a bank holiday we walked a lovely little loop stopping for a mid afternoon drink at the Windmill pub totalling up 3.6 miles.
Today being back at work I only had time for a quick walk this morning and one this evening too totalling 1.6 miles along with a 30 minute kettle bell workout focusing on my abs.

I will keep you all updated with how I progress and how I’m feeling fitness wise in the run up to our Peak district trip.

As my blog is moving into it’s 7th month I felt it was time for a little change so you will now see a different layout and colour scheme which I felt fits my writing and subjects better, I hope you like it!


2 thoughts on “12 miles down and a new look for MrsM!

  1. Go you! It took me a while to build up to long distance walking and hiking, but it was so so worth it! You will LOVE the lake district:) I like the new layout of your blog, hope you’re well x

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