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Building my workout routine

So a little while ago I wrote a post about exercise and me. Well it’s now been 2 months since I started my regular workouts so I decided it was time for a progress picture.

No I’m not about to post a picture of my abs 2 months apart, that’s not why I’m here. The reason I’m here is to tell you the cycle that I seem to follow with exercise.
First I need a reason for to motivate myself, this could be a holiday, big occasion, weekend away or my wedding was probably the biggest one I ever had!
Once I have my motivation I need drive. The drive comes easy for the first and probably 2nd time of working out but can easily start to fade early on in training especially if you haven’t been going long enough for any sort of results to show. I get the sort of mentality of ‘yes I’ve got the holiday coming up but hey one night off won’t hurt, I’ll get back on it next week.’ This is when I need to have a word with myself and remind myself I won’t get anywhere without commitment to the routine and do I want to see results or not.
Soon I start to feel resentment towards the routine, annoyance that I have to give up my time to complete it, fed up from the ache and fatigue it brings. This is when I continue to push on because I know this leads me to the next stage which is familiarity. I become familiar with the workout and start to feel less tired afterwards. I can remember the routine and am becomming a pro at the exercises. I start to enjoy the workout at this stage.
Now I’m enjoying the workout I look forward to the next one and plan my evening around the session. I try to encourage others to work out with me, big mention to my workout buddy T for doing most of the exercises a 7 year old can before bed twice a week.
Now I’ve hit a milestone, the 2 month mark has appeared and I’m forced to take stock and see if this has all been worth it. I can tell you it is!! I have more definition in my abs and feel so much more toned and happy with my shape than I did before. Im not at the end of my workout journey by a long shot but this milestone has shown me that I’m on the right track.

So now I’m on to the best stage, feeling proud of my achievement so far! 😊 


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