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15.75 miles a beautiful sunset and our busy weekend 

So my walking got slightly stunted this week when the weather was not on our side and one day I couldn’t walk at all the rain was so bad! I was amazed at how frustrated I felt that I could have walked and felt ready to go but it just honestly wasn’t practical to get me and the dog totally soaked for no reason other than to rack up some miles! That said I’ve still had my second best week ever walking over 15 miles. 

Wednesday was a peaceful walk of nearly 3 miles during the evening when Scott was out and I just decided to head down to the lake with Poppy and walk all the way round and back home again! Half way round I was starting to flag but once I turned that corner I was amazed how my energy returned and I just felt a drive to get home and finish my loop. This was my beautiful view once I had walked round.

Friday I walked with my walking group again and we walked another new route for me through a beautiful wood full of bluebells stopping for a drink at the Fox and Hounds. This is our just over 4 mile route.

This weekend we only managed a few miles as we decided to start a few projects at home and have spent a lot of time with family and friends which has been great. 
In particular the church fete today was a lot of fun and made my friends and I realise that even though our girls are growing up so fast we can’t keep up they still love a fete! 😊

After our fete we had dinner at the in-laws and T got to take home her fairy sign that my father in law had made her. She was really happy with it as she designed it herself and it’s now the perfect addition to our fairy garden. Sometimes I wish I could bottle her innocence and keep it forever. 

I hope you have all had a great weekend and I would love to hear what you got upto! 

Thank you for reading!

Lou x


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