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When is life too busy?

So as my fitness journey continues and I carry on racking up the miles I find I’m enjoying it more and more. I look forward to walking and will walk as far as I can in the time I have walking at least once a day. This is still alongside my regular kettlebell workouts at home, working 3 days a week, being a Mum and wife, keeping social engagements and remembering birthdays and anniversaries. So today I’m thinking when does life get too busy? 

When do we say enough is enough I’m going to stop trying to keep in touch with so many people all the time and just see who comes to me? When we have so many balls in the air how often do we feel like at some point they will all come crashing down? When I find someone who deserves my time I give generously whether in person or via text or phone. I try my hardest to remember special events and birthdays and will always make an effort to celebrate these as much as my budget allows but when you have so many plates spinning when does it all just become too much? 

Trying to be a good friend, who exercises and is aiming to achieve her own goals can I really be the best mother I can be? When I find I haven’t read the school book all week but instead I’ve taught T the value of money by setting her small chores which she enjoys doing to earn pocket money in the schools eyes am I not doing enough for her education? When we have walked the dog together or gone for a bike ride, when I’m remembering to clean her ears, washing her hair, taking nail varnish off her toes and listening to her day I have always got a part of my mind on other things. It could be writing the virtual shopping list in my mind, planning the chores I will do when I have my day off, trying to remember what meat I need to defrost for tomorrow’s meal or trying to plan new and exciting things for everyone’s lunch boxes! 

I often think if my mind wasn’t so busy maybe I would just enjoy the moment more and feel less tense. Am I wrong trying to keep all these balls in the air or is this just life when you get to my age? Now I’m a grown up all married with a child is this just how it goes? Now my friends are all in similar situations so I know I’m not alone as planning get togethers and playdates takes military precision and is usually weeks in advance so I’m pretty sure everyone has multiple balls when it comes to motherhood but when you add in a work life balance, trying to fit in a new hobby and keep in contact with everyone important to you on a regular basis has everyone’s life just become too busy these days?

What ever happened to a friend just popping in for coffee or being able to text a few different people knowing at least one of them would be free for a catch up? Don’t get me wrong I love to have plans but on the other hand I often think if we upped and moved somewhere far away where I could walk in the hills all the time and knew no one would I feel less swamped or more lonely? My life seems to be zooming along in a haze of happy memories and cherished times but sometimes I just feel like I don’t have time to really sit back and appreciate it all. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, 

Thanks for reading 

Lou x


8 thoughts on “When is life too busy?

  1. It’s a tricky one isn’t it, but I think you’ve got it right when you say you make time for the super important things be it birthdays or engagements, but like you said sometimes you do have to stop trying to do it all and wait for people to come to you. There will always be time for those who matter most, I genuinely believe that, even if it’s just a simple text or quick phone call. I can’t imagine juggling half as much as you do, but by the sounds of it you’re doing a lot better than you think :)x

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  2. Running away to the hills doesn’t always help either!! That’s what we did – but I still need to work, plan etc. And I don’t have kids! From time to time I just have to remind myself to try to “be in the moment” – whether it’s driving to work, or taking a quick pause for coffee. Enjoy what you’re doing as much as you can. I get worried by paperwork though & that starts a cycle of panic which doesn’t aloow for much enjoyment! I wish I (a) could walk further (b) enjoyed exercising as much as you do!

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    1. Ah maybe I will save the running away to the hills option then! Reminding yourself to be in the moment sounds like a good idea and probably one I need to start trying more often. It’s true I have found enjoyment in walking and am so pleased I started and the walking you so looks great and is a lot further than most:)


  3. So many of us struggle with this, and I think women are particularly hard on themselves. We pile so much on our plate, then we feel bad about the things we don’t have time for, then we feel bad about the balls we drop because we’re not superhuman.
    You said you’d like to hear our thoughts so I’ll share a few things that have worked for me. Start saying no to things you don’t really want to do. You have a finite amount of time in a day — don’t waste it on people or activities that drain energy instead of enrich your life. It won’t make every moment magical (we are regular people, after all), but it will help. Practice mindfulness. You talk about always having part of your mind on other things, and with so much going on we all do it! But for parts of each day, be completely where you are. For ten minutes focus on nothing but painting T’s nails and talking with her. It might be hard at first but it gets easier with practice. Those are things that helped me feel less stressed out and rushed all the time.
    On a side note, I love reading Jen Hatmaker and she talks about her tribe. It’s a small circle of friends, friends she’ll text and be like “bring the wine and kids” and there’d be an impromptu gathering at her not-so-clean house with kids running around eating mac&cheese or pizza and moms hanging out having wine and regaining sanity. I bet you have friends just like you — ones who want to just drop everything once in a while. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks so much for your feedback on this! I did used to practise mindfulness actually and found it really great at a stressful time in my life where I just needed those 10 minutes to really sit and relax. I guess as the stress passed and time moved on I needed it less and less, Well so I thought but like you say we aren’t all superhuman all the time! I actually had a great impromptu coffee date this morning with two friends and just ended up dropping the housework to go and meet them for an hour. I felt really happy after that I had been able to do that and just go with the flow for once! “Bring the wine and the kids” sounds a great solution and maybe something I should build into my life! 🙂


  4. I think you’re doing great with your daughter! The school doesn’t teach our kids how to really survive in our world and that’s left up to the parents to teach them those things the best we can. I’ve been doing the same with my son and it’s really paying off. He goes into a store with his money from chores and there’s such a proud look on his face when he pays for something he wants knowing he earned it. Those little things we do with/for our kids might not seem like they really matter until later on when they do. We don’t always get the results right away but it’s definitely worth it. They pay more attention than I think we like to give them credit for sometimes.
    Juggling so many different things can be a challenge and as a mom it is really hard to focus on what you’re doing right then. It’s hard not to drift off and think of all the other things we need to do or get done or plan. I think when you’re at that point it’s a good time to take a break and take a day for yourself regardless of what that means. Give yourself a break. Everyone needs down time and maybe that’s all you need to feel rejuvenated.

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    1. Thank you:) I’ve taken a step back from planning anything else in and even tonight I just didn’t feel quite right after work so I’ve just had some chill time with my girl and sacked off the Tues night workout routine;-) I think sometimes we cram so much into life because we think we should but really all we need is some down time you are so right.

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